Too tired to see Mudras

The day was long.


Tonight my legs will not get me to Old Street for Standpoint Gallery. Just tired. Been at ceramics sculpting a lion’s mane all morning and dealing with domestic stuff before and up to now. Boo hoo. And then some. At class we had a great debate about what art really is and should be.

First of all, see my glazed crab aka fab crab….


I applied the under-glaze using a bad technique and we were all fearful of losing the stripes although I was over being precious by the end of three hours work. So, a stripy crab. Nothing collapsed and the stripes remained intact together with the barnacles.

So the conversation  began about ole Grayson pandering to the art world despite his rebellious look. We got onto how art is measured as good or bad and us old hippies were bound to say that as long as we feel creative , then we’ve done the art, whether anyone else recognizes the art as art or not. However I suggested that there has to be a standard because for example The Royal Academy sets standards by judging art before the curators display it and exams in school set standards for pass rates. You can’t dismiss that by saying ‘yes but that’s just exams’ because talented teenagers rely on those grades. Rely. There have/has to be standards of form and shape and technique. Or why do we revere and respect the classics in painted varnished pictures?

I shall go find a free online course to get views from others. I’m following a free online course at present all about propaganda. When I say ‘following’… It means lots of looking at videos and reading texts.

Big day tomorrow; V&A then Mudras drawing on Friday.

MUSEfest happens in Paris tomorrow evening. Now that is exciting. Two women in different countries worked together online to produce a showcase for women who inspire others in music.wpid-2015-06-02-05.54.15.jpg.jpeg

musefest 3


World War 1 commemoration through words and art

Local Heroes project workshops, taking place at the Memorial Community Church, 395 Barking Road, E13 8AL. The dates are now confirmed and are as follows:

  • Tuesday 5th August 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 12th August 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 19th August 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 26th August 2-4pm
  • Monday 1st September 2-4pm
  • Monday 8th September 2-4pm

It is a series of free workshops and you must be available to attend all of them. If you could please reply to David he would be happy to confirm your place. It’s all about heritage and locality and using

  • Visit the fantastic Memorial Community Church Bells and hear them in action
  • Learn how to use online archive research tools such as
  • Research some of the names on the bells to find out information about the local men that died in the first world war
  • Respond artistically to the theme of the WW1 memorial through interactive workshops using both writing skills (working with a writer/poet) and art skills (working with a visual artist)
  • Please contact


David Allies-Curtis on 02075111117 at Rosetta Art Centre in West Ham