Lost Monkey Found

Ah, that long 69 bus ride. I travelled with older people who remembered Rathbone Market back in the day and lamented its passing.

From the bus stop I saw Lewis the artist at his mural decorating a massive building site hoarding, even through my free Heart sunglasses which were given to me as soon as I entered the square. That artist is just about the nicest unpretentious  artist I’ve met since Mudras with Sarah Lawton. Oh , not forgetting Hassan Vawda of E17. No more necessary to say so here are the pics.wpid-2015-08-09-12.54.17.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.54.30.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.53.55.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.54.05.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.56.06.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-14.38.22.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.58.09.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.53.32.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.53.36.jpg.jpeg



Issue 30 . Up Your Street. RAC days,

Thurs 6th Aug free 7-9pm #MAFF at Marcus Garvey Library, Tottenham N15. Launch of Maya Angelou Festival.  Book at Eventbrite.

Sat 8th Aug free and tomorrow. Rathbone Market Canning Town to watch an artist at work painting a mural.

Mon 10th Aug free 2-4pm Dilston Grove salad growing workshop for Seniors Art School attendees from Up Your Street

Wed 12th Aug free 10-noon. Banner-making at Hamara Ghar 412 Green St by Romford Road East. Drop-in

free 2-4pm Lavender workshop for Seniors Art School peeps at Dilston Grove.

free 2pm The Mill E17

Waltham Forest Commumity Radio Group

Thurs 13th Aug free 10-12.30pm Canning Town Library 10-12.30pm. Art with Hassan for beginners and old-timers.


Having to miss an opportunity

As if it were mine!

There’s an art project issued by Rosetta Art Centre in West Ham looking for an artist to paint a mural pertaining to Rathbone Market, Canning Town. It means painting up a ladder. No good for the infirm and vertigo-fearing lot although firefighter friends come in handy as art technicians. The project involves engaging with the public by researching about the market and its users. Besides that the public get to see the artist in action over the course of two days.

The fee is the equivalent of the cost of three large oil paintings on the Walthamstow Art Trail at £260. each so not much in it really for the manual labour but not to be sniffed at.

What an opportunity! To be part of the heritage of Rathbone Market as all about it new buildings emerge. My pitch would have been to glorify the skylines as in changing silhouettes, and then to pimp up paving stones to honour all those who trod and tread.

Don’t like ladder work, me.

Am on another art project which is a year long and taxing on time. It surely has its moments.  I got talking to 89 year old Vera on the 55 bus yesterday which was meant to be what with us sharing the same last name and having blue eyes, like.

It’s a fact that we seniors are sick of reminiscence projects but I guess they gotta be done because the newer generations are clamouring to learn about the histories and heritages of their habitats. Not so. Beware of being trawled into any volunteer nets. If you’re sharing memories or even reading them aloud, insist on payment. Someone’s making money out of your grey matter. Amen.