A Reminiscence Quilt by RAGWORKS all about Leyton E10

leyton quilt on 2nd aug

Just about finishing then the artwork will include a key,  as would you recognize the paraffin pump which was situated on Cathall Road E11 ? In those days, if I had work  and when I got my wage packet, I’d be able to stock up and hoard paraffin in petrol containers in my bedsit. Imagine! Lived like a queen for a while there.

And public baths where Tesco is now I believe in Bakers’ Arms. Served me well, I should cocoa.

Ragworks_Logo (1)

RAGWORKS makes artistic and creative use of discarded textiles and found threads. All the designs are unique and the work is all done by hand. Very therapeutic. Very green. Much of the work is in the form of wall-hangings  worked on with the artist’s designs to depict nursery rhyme and world-wide folklore characters. I love The Palm Oil Daughter. Tar baby

RAGWORKS is always being exhibited somewhere around The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.