A Taste Of Hackney

Yep! Tasted a bit of Hackney today. To be honest, I’m a bit saturated with Hackney as yesterday “Hackney Life ” a film project by Mosaic Films, Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, showcasing Hackney ..  again.. exposed their ways and means of getting it together via our uploaded shots on YouTube. Well, from the people I knew and loved at the introductory meeting about one eighth were computer-literate so YouTube may be a challenge. Still we remain optmistic. Then at Hackney Museum for two weeks and more,  there’s even more Love ‘Ackney (especially as it’s 2012!)  through “Homerton Voices” and artist Lucy Harrison’s “Mapping Your Manor” project.

Today, A Different Drum Productions  via “A Taste Of Hackney” treated us and the Colvestone pupils to an experience at The new Hackney Archives opposite the Peace Mural, Dalston Junction, opposite The Eastern Curve Garden where my gargoyle weathers the snow . I was quietly stunned as all the non-security staff on duty upstairs were white. Not seen that for ages.  (Seen the Mcdonald’s advert where the ante-natal nurse is black?  Well, hello strereotypes!  McDonalds could’ve paved the way and had a male nurse. Coulda,  shoulda.)

The Hackney Archives is great, state of the art and full of good stuff:- Lots of films and pictures to which the children  could relate.  Don’t know what the adults got from it as  for people who used Ridley Road Market in the past  they were pretty disorientated.

The reception/security staff are great and welcoming.

Went to Can Supermarket. Lea Bridge Road to buy my yam and spinach and home in the freezing cold on a friendly bus.  Life good.

Another cold church hall.

A Taste Of Hackney resumed today with 50% of the participants coming through promotion by Up Your Street. The term is scheduled with activities towards making an app all about memories and experiences of Ridley Road Market, Dalston Hackney.

We moved out of Colvestone School after being introduced at last to the head teacher and into St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Rise. The church is magnificent from the outside. Inside it was freezing and being painted.. Brr! Lots of wooden floors.

The project introduces how to construct a web-site i.e. using WordPress blog sites.

There is a free day of learning about WordPress at The Mill E17. See issue 3 of Up Your Street.

At A Taste Of Hackney,  it was raised by a couple of volunteers that the emphasis is always on the experiences of the West Indian and Jewish immigrants with a deliberate dismissal of  the experiences of the indigenous  white English population. The response was that that needed to change. And we were all reminded that the West Indian population is and was from different islands with different cooking ways and cultures. That is, it’s not all rice ‘n’ peas. To be fair, the project was advertised as one for ethnic minorities and that ‘s all to do with funding, don’t we know. To be brutal, the community (Hackney residents) hardly responded to the call to get involved. The sessions are held from 0915h  on cold frosty mornings and we don’t all live next door to the market.

Looking forward to sessions at the new Dalston Archives and to hearing the former Children’s Poet Laureate, Michael Rosen.

Went over to Tesco, Hackney after the cold church hall to buy my Ghanaian Palm Oil. £2.99 a litre with points.