Nice people

It’s no easy task setting up an art exhibition. You ask Tracy! Well come home a bit and ask Mehraj Textile Art. ¬†Today the biggest problem was getting RAGWORKS on their hanging canes on the bus in the snow-cold because parking is a no-no in Hackney. The buses run one after the other most of the time so I am lucky on that count.

Even luckier to work with the manager of The Darnley Gallery, Cirillo. The man is that experienced in installing art exhibitions he can visualise it all in his head then up the ladders, nails and hammer in hand, white-wash for the smudges on the walls and lighting adjusted. Plus he serves tea to the Centre’s visitors like me today.



Today ten pieces of work were ready for display at the Centre For Better Health in Hackney. There’s “We Three Kings” and “The Angel Gabriel ” because it’s Christmas, ¬†and Cinderella gets a look in because she keeps the pantomimes going. 2012-12-18 00.23.00

Anansi’s hanging on his web too: He came out of the moth-balls just for the following weeks… yes…weeks. Extended show!!



R.I.P. Nelson Mandela