Welcome to Leyton

Hello. Welcome to Leyton. Did you come far today? Oh you thought you’d try and see what’s on the other side of Stratford. Oops, careful. Mind that on the floor. Must’ve been from a seagull. Oh yes! The seagulls come in all the time. No, not really. Well, they don’t go  to the River Lea. No, well, there’s a landfill behind Orient Football Ground. Oh yes you’ve heard of Orient. Yes, sometimes it’s spelt “Lea” and sometimes “Lee”. Yes, in Leyton we say “The Lea” spelt “e a”: Well the people who have lived here all their lives. Okay, this is now Leyton Village. Oh yes , very colourful. We like to say a “pallette of paint”. Well mostly private businesses, perhaps family-run. Wel, there is one English shop down the road still left. Oh! You’re from Derby. No there isn’t a bank. Oh there used to be a NatWest and that was a Barclays over there.  That’s Coronation Gardens. Look though and you’ll see the bandstand. We have some concerts there. Oh yes, the park is used all the time. Oops, careful, that’s glass! Well often the post box is still there but no real post office. Ooh, there used to be a postbox here as well. Wow, it’s gone!  What? Would you like me to take you back to the station? No problem. Well that way goes to Leytonstone; there’s a tube station there and trains back to London, St Paul’s etc. Yes, a W15 bus, very regular. That way takes you to Hackney. No it’s not that bad at all now.  Yes, the children are indeed on holiday but we don’t think they’ll be rioting this summer. Hope not anyway. Ok, safe journey and thank you.

Imagine you are everyone…a play.

The Yard Theatre  with a cast of 139 is presenting a play examining freedom of expression and how it works through social networking .The venue, the base  in Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane in Hackney Wick  (next to station) is well worth a visit.

Last night was the first big meet-up of participants and professionals , the latter of which there are many , at Big Hill, Clapton E5. I hoped the Anthony Marsh building would be top of hill. Nope. That Big Hill is steep. How did horses and carts manage in days of yore but they did? The view from the top is tremendous, looking down to the lush Leyton Marsh and the still River Lea.

Well, the evening with Stu and Lauren and others was exhilarating as we were directed into group activities and awareness. Was a treat.

Then to come out of the sauna that is work and a hot building into deserted Mount Pleasant Lane at 9.30 on a summer’s evening is sweet. The 393 bus  does the route. There are beautifully kept houses along that way and hundreds of flats. It’s all well-lit too. Lots of sounds of clanging of pots in kitchens as the day’s fast during Ramadan ended. I see a High Street Seniors walk at dusk after the summer ignoring Big Hill!

 Love Hackney.

The big rehearsal is on Sunday and new comers are welcome. Come and find your space and place. We’ll be at The Yard in Hackney Wick with our scripts and packed lunches for the day will be long.(10-6pm) Just mention Up Your Street and doors will open.