Mirabelle Plums

This morning on what looks like the first day of November I gathered in my bumper crop off the lawn and watched the yellow plums fall from above in the rain showers.. My neighbours had been scrumping last week and I am not one to waste vitamined fruit. I busied over a hot stove and made jars of jam resenting all that expensive sugar I had to use. The jam straight from the pot had a sharpness about it. Yuk. I Googled for any tips besides the one about adding a pod of vanilla. I followed some advice and left my jams to rest awhile. Success. Yummy. Mirabelle Plum jam. jamApparently Romanian folk eat the inviting little ones straight off the tree so I felt for my other neighbours who could only pine as they watched my boughs bend and they dreamt of home.

Today a ceasefire was declared in Gaza. Nothing on the news about that yet. It’s all about Scotland.