Up Your Street. Issue 27 “It’s all about the Art”.

Puff the Dragon

Up your Street. Issue 27

Thurs 4th July free 6-9pm. Launch of “Soft” at the Mill E17.

See RAGWORKS’ “Girl With A Pearl Earring”

and “Puff”

Runs ’til 11th Aug

Sat 6th July free thanks to KPMG via Rosetta Arts in West Ham. Brighton day out in the art galleries and museums. Not open to everyone but worth noting. Four subscribers to Up Your Street are going!

stone space 2“Hackney Marsh ” by James Self. Oil on canvas.

Mon 8th July free   noon -2pm Learn to draw  for seniors only with Danny at Lea Bridge Library Community Room. E10. No need to book.lili5

Wed 10th July  free  11-1pm Walthamstow Library e17. “Play Like We used to-Art For Adults”. Book with Eventbrite or phone library. Part of Capital Age Festival 2013. Collage-making.

Fri 12th July free  3-5pm. Hale End Library E4 Film screening “Quartet”. Check availability for tickets at Eventbrite or phone library.

Sat 13th July  free. noon. film screening at the Tate Modern “Art Is…”. Book your place at Tokarska Gallery in Forest Road E17.

                                                                                                                          Digital StillCamera

free 7.30pm News from Nowhere featuring  Jatinder Verma  from Tara Arts Community theatre. At the Epicentre, West Road  E11. Bring a dish to share or some goodies.

Wed 17th July free  Cubitt art exhibition showing works by seniors from The Claremont Project in White Lion Street, N1  and from other individual submissions. Until 20th July 2013.

Two spots of generosity

First 0f all “Tired Of London” promoted free drawing classes in Charlotte Street. Be there or be a cartoon!

And I was awaiting feedback of any sort from seniors who’d enrolled or tried to enrol on the visual art appreciation course from Birkbeck University through an access course at Rosetta Arts E15.

Well, I heard the trembling in their voices and am not sure if the word “folders” meant paper or computer file ones. Not important. What is important is that there was a course advertised which actually is just up my street but because I had public funds for my eddicashun in days of yore (and have paid it back by the sweat of my labours ten fold!) then I’m not eligible, and that subscribers to Up Your Street heard the clarion call, felt my elbow nudging and went along.That is the achievement

Successful completion of the two year part-time, very part-time course which is free to pensioners unless they are Royals leads on in some cases to the second year of a full degree course at Birkbeck up Bloomsbury. Of course everyone will be successful. You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear but you can design and make the template for other material. Success must be guaranteed. At least for the access course. How can it and anyone fail? Much of the teaching is one to one. The premise was that people from the disadvantaged community get a chance at formal education. Ahmed’s your uncle.

The course is at Rosetta Arts in West Ham  at the top of an old Victorian school building, at the very top. A rose is a rose by any other name. Rosetta Arts is more than what it is: it calls in the community. Does it?

As for Up Your Street people, well done and you’ll soon be on Ebay scouring the lists for books on how to write an essay. Good luck there then.

All a bit timely as last night’s BBC 3 “Free Speech” was all about the point that would be students from poor backgrounds are not applying for university because the thought of a £50,ooo debt in any stage of their lives is upsetting. The misery is not helped by university web-sites being out of date or downright flagrantly ignoring the trades description act. Some colleges advertise courses that just don’t exist and even when found out, don’t delete from the web .Lying inefficient Sharons.

I’m encouraging seniors to email me their thoughts about their current opportunity and I will publish all… in the name of sharing.

issue 11. Up Your Street

Mon Oct 1st     OLDER PEOPLE’S DAY

                         free Hornbeam Café E17 (Bakers Arms).  RAGWORKS wall-hangings depicting global nursery rhymes returns!

                           free  4pm     Black History Month in Newham
Talk on Kamal Chunchie and The Coloured Mens Institute at the Peoples Museum & Gallery of Newham.

Wed Oct 3rd free 10-4pm St Andrew’s Church, Colworth Rd. E11 Dementia Day with stalls,  info etc.

Fri Oct 5th free 11-2.30pm Upton Community Centre. Bring a friend day activities for seniors.

Sat Oct 6th free 12-3pm Petchey Academy Shacklewell Lane. Forest Recycling Project give or take

Mon Oct 8th free 5.30-8.30.Stratford Circus E15 Find out about Rosetta Arts in Stratford

Coming next week

in Newham and Hackney, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park residents meetings to prepare for The Legacy.

Caribbean Though a Lens
Reminiscence session in partnership with the National Archives,  as part of the “Caribbean Through a Lens” project.  Come and view a unique collection of photographs spanning over 100 years of life in the Caribbean, and share your own memories and photographs of Caribbean life. 10th October at the People’s Museum & Gallery of Newham, 2pm. Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to claire@ech.org.uk or phone 0208 553 4343.

Thurs 11th Oct £2.50  1pm “Song Of Freedom” at Hackney Picture House.