The Mill, Coppermill Lane. E17

“The trouble with The Mill is that it’s too posh.”(Middle-aged Leyton resident. 2014)

I like posh myself and have always rated highly The Mill in Coppermill Lane. Anyone remember my story about the day I first went to The Mill in Coppermill Lane just after it opened for I was on the case at the first announcement about its inception as I’d been looking for it all my retired life.

Cleverly walked The Black Path (only knew that rat alley had such a name from walker and local historian David Boote!) then walked swiftly past the houses down by now deteriorating  St James’ Park with its smelly roses to die for and along the pee-ridden railway tunnel up into Coppermill Lane and turned left making my way for Coppermill which belongs to Walthamstow Wetlands now. Well, not belongs but is looked after by Wild London and Thames Water and is set to become a feature and a half in the European and British scheme of things watery.*

Saw swans on the way and the stationary W12 bus and thought it looked a bit empty and deserted but I was well away. After a while I asked a human on a bicycle and she said “Go the other way”, pointing towards the Market. Silly me.

The Mill is a place where we can go, read a newspaper, enjoy an art exhibition, peruse all the notices, step over escapees from the crèche area and be ignored unless the receptionist is looking up. I make a point of saying hello to a lone woman using a laptop or a group of men playing dice for those may be the only ones I talk to all day, being a lonely widow like.

The Mill has regular art exhibitions and workshops attached. The workshops are usually pennies and submitting work for exhibiting is a tenner a time or a fiver for the unwaged and poor. You see that’s another hub which makes you stick to deadlines and get art work done and finished. Professional and amateur and less than that art offerings are hung on the same walls. My postcard drawing in the past rubbed edges with Grayson Perry’s treasure. I was big-headed then. He never came to see.

There is always a launch night full of grub and drink and Mo welcoming in her own generous way ladling out Mill Punch. There is no membership to go to either the workshops, to present art for submission or to get into the crowded launch nights.

This February 2nd is the launch of “Ink Press Go!” an exhibition about printing by local printers and those having a go at getting down and dirty. It’s also the date of all things India at the William Morris Gallery. Oooh. Choices especially as frequent guests and visitors to The Mill, artist and volunteer Hassan and textile artist Sba, are doin’ their thin’ at WMG.

Want to see real posh? Then William Morris Gallery may be your niche.


*Here is Wetlands Steve post at Facebook just now.

A peek inside the 1864 Coppermill Tower at Walthamstow Wetlands, which is currently being renovated and converted into a viewing platform, which will offer visitors spectacular panoramic vistas across Walthamstow Wetlands, the Marshes and the Lea Valley. Accessible via lift, the viewing platform will also provide a viewpoint with a wide unbroken field of view from which to spot birds at great distance. Inside the entrance to the viewing platform, there will also be a display about the history of the building and the watermills that have been on that site for over 1000 years.

In 1864, the East London Waterworks Company, added the tower to the rest of the Coppermill building which was built in 1806. The tower which is built in the arcaded Italianate style, is an elaborate chimney for the venting of steam from a Cornish Bull Engine which was housed in the tower to pump water.

The building is called the Coppermill because it was owned by the British Copper Company and used to roll copper from 1808-1859.

It is just the tower that is being opened to the public in the Autumn of 2017, the rest of the Coppermill building will continue to be used by Thames Water for training and storage.

Issue 42 Up Your Street

Dec 13th Charity gig is at the Walthamstow Cricket Club  in Greenway Avenue  near Wood Street station.
 The line up includes  Greg Rose, Carole Vincent, John Arthur (Walthamstow Bard), Alan Levy, Steve Dowsett, Nick Pickett, John Wishart, Al Neville and Alan Cox “
                                           Issue 42  Up Your Street

Fri 4th Dec     free 1-3pm Contact Trisha at Rosetta Art Centre in West Ham to join the workshop “Motifs” about music and art.

free Leytonstone Library opening times Fabric of The Stow celebrating 50@Watham Forest by Sba Shaikh.fabric of the stowfor a couple of weeks

Sat 5th Dec  £11    11.30-1.30pm commences at Leyden Gallery E1 Nude Drawing classes. see Tower Hamlets leisure activities to book

Mon    7th Dec    free 6.30-8.30 Tate Modern Pop Art exhibition free view Community evening.
                                 Up Your Street has a group going and Soapbox and Tottenham Art.
Tues   8th Dec    free 6.30-9pm Film screening at Chapel Cinema Bethnal Green. “It’s A Wonderful Life”.Eventbrite to book.

Wed    9th Dec 

We have a FREE Zumba class on Wednesday mornings for elderly and disabled people. If need be all exercise can be done seated.
Free Zumba Class
Wednesdays 11:00 – 12:00
90 Crownfield Road
Entrance is at the rear of the building off Amethyst Road
All welcome. However due to limited staff numbers we cannot offer one to one support. If anyone needs any extra assistance they are more than welcome to bring a support worker or career with them.
If you have any questions feel free to give me a call.
Gerry Heffernan
Tel:  020 8534 1589
Fax: 020 8534 5658

                       free noon Waltham Forest residents Christmas dinner. Tomorrow too. 600 never got a place!

                            free  6-9pm celebration of 20 affordable prints at Bow Arts at the Nunnery in Bow
Thurs 10th Dec    free 11.00-1.00pm  Steve Bush at Claremont Project Islington talking about community art.
                                   10.30-12.30pm East London Radio. Mary Katherine presents golden oldies.
Sat      12th Dec  free noon-2pm African drums and fun, workshops and education with Iroko Theatre.
Carpenters Community Centre,
17 Doran Walk,
London E15 2JL
                            free2-7pm Red Door Studios East Ham E6.Christmas Market (shared by Sally)
Sun     13th Dec  free  “3-8pm There is another charity fundraiser in aid of Sue`s House Cancer Help Centre. Dawlish Road Ilford .
                                        free 6.30pm Hackney Singers Christmas Carol Concert at St Peter’s de Beauvoir
                                         free  7pm St John at Jerusalem Classic Concert
Mon     14th Dec  free  8-10pm (note late hours) with Women’s Institute Make a Christmas door wreath Eventbrite to book
date Upstairs at The Prince Pub
59 Kynaston Road
Stoke Newington
N16 OEB London
United Kingdom
                         free  7pm at St John at Jerusalem Hackney. Classical concert.
Tues    15th Dec free 2-3.30pm Fashion Show at Caramel Rock Academy Canning Town. Eventbrite

Sba Shaikh

Freezing morning but a brisk walk through the Mini Holland that is privileged Walthamstow millionaires’ rows of streets and to the very busy Vestry House Museum I went specifically to see Sba’s work  which is a collage textile hanging.  It is delicious. Look at the colours: a veritable peacock and outstanding in a brown place.

It moves to Leytonstone Library and I expect a guest launch ticket as was missed last time. Yes.

This is a commissioned work by Waltham Forest culture lot celebrating 50 years of its Council. Three other artists* took Chingford. Leytonstone and Leyton as their focuses. Sba’s was E17.(*see next blog)

2015-11-29-12.22.08.jpg.jpeg                                                 2015-11-29-12.22.13.jpg.jpeg 2015-11-29-12.21.39.jpg.jpeg                                                                       2015-11-29-12.21.50.jpg.jpeg                          2015-11-29-12.23.34.jpg.jpeg                                  2015-11-29-12.23.46.jpg.jpeg

Issue 49 Up Your Street

Mon 2nd Dec  free 6.45-8.30 Lea Bridge Road Library. Mandarin Chinese lessons for adults

Tues 3rd Dec free. Noon-5pm. Family fun at The Old Baths Eastway E9.  Cre8 recognising International Day for people with disability.

Thurs 5th Dec.   Christmas market at The Grove E15  until 8th Dec.

                              free Age- Exchange anniversary party and showcase at Blackheath Village (108 bus from Stratford). A day of events about reminiscence and older people. (not a training session)  Book with

                              free. 6-8.30pm E17 Kitchen community cookery. Waltham Forest College. Forest Rd E17. Just bring your pinny.

                             free 6pm-8pm Memorial Community Church, 395 Barking Road, E13 8AL “Along with the last evening opening of the Art Arising exhibition in Tower Gallery, on Thursday 5th December there will be a chance to buy unique cards and gifts hand-made by local people. Come and enjoy art, crafts, mulled wine, mince pies and seasonal music.

Stalls include bags, jewellery, honey, dolls house furniture, Christmas cards, traditional crafts, framed photos and sweet treats – perfect gifts for your friends. You can also try your hand at spinning wool too!”

                              free 5-8.30pm  Artist  Sba Shaikh, owner of Mehraj Textile Art E17, shares her work at

date                         Asia House 63 New Cavendish St W1G 7LP London United Kingdom

Sat 7th Dec             free 4-6pm Abbey Gardens  Frost Fair in Newham.

“Enjoy warm winter drinks and home made soups and sing along with members of All Saints Chorus.  There will be a wreath making workshop, chutney tasting and of course, our ever-popular cake stall. ”

Sun 8th Dec   free Noon-5pm. The View Tube on The Greenway Stratford . “Hand-Made Christmas” crafts and family event. (Saturday 7th December too!)

Mon 9th Dec free 9-5pm The Centre For Better Health , Darnley road Hackney hosts RAGWORKS exhibition. Come and see the Angel Gabriel and a few other characters hand-made using refreshed textiles. All week. Thursdays 9am-8pm.

Wed 11th Dec  free 5-8.30pm The Centre For Better Health Hackney. RAGWORKS and Poems.

Fri 13th Dec      £15  7pm The Sound;check Choir at St John’s at Hackney . Leyton singer songwriter Neech sings with other talented women. Wear warmer clothes.