Up Your Street Issue 5

Sun 12th Feb   free 10-12 walking wild at Walthamstow Wetlands. Check at Eventbrite for any spare tickets.
                          free 1.30-4pm Valentine’s Crafts at Vestry House Museum. (Thanks to Sba Shaikh for sharing).
Mon 13th Feb   free 11-12.30pm Workshop for making display works aka art for “Paradise” at Claremont , White Lion Street Islington. Free paints and paper. Become a member on the spot.
                         free or a fiver donation.7 for 7.30pm William Morris Gallery. Radical History Workshop and exhibition by Red Saunders A joint meeting by the Waltham Forest Radical History Workshop and the Friends of the William Morris Gallery. (Thanks to Roger Huddle for sharing). See WMG website for more details.
Wed 15th Feb £5  POSH CLUB in St Paul’s Church Hackney. Book in advance with Tracey Smith .(See previous notes or at Up Your Street Facebook or at https://www.upyourstreet.wordpress.com)

Sat 18th Feb     free 11-2pm CreativiTEA with Amanda Whittle at Hale End Library. Art for adults. Theme being assemblage or box art. Need to book. Not really. Always empty seats.
Sun 19th Feb    free 12.30-3pm Made In Hackney food preparation with an Ayurvedic-following Yogi.
                                  Need to book. Takes place in a Cazenove Road basement kitchen in Stoke Newington. No disabled access. No sitting cross-legged on the floor.
Now one of the pioneering mission statements of Up Your Street was to get seniors online and using it. I still get messages from subscribers saying they cannot access a web site for example. In the case of  East London Radio. Go to your search engine, often Google or Bing, and write “East London Radio”. The website will pop up and then you will see an arrow indicating “Play radio” and you’re in. There are catch up pod casts.
Made In Hackney. Same procedure. William Morris Gallery.  Same.
Advance notice. In March I will be exhibiting my art called “Champions” at Hackney Central Library and at Stratford Picture House, “Headscarves 1950s”both celebrating International Women’s Day because I can.
And art by women begins on March 8th at Tower Gallery Plaistow for International Women’s Day. “Lily At The Swim” will be there.

Sba Shaikh

Freezing morning but a brisk walk through the Mini Holland that is privileged Walthamstow millionaires’ rows of streets and to the very busy Vestry House Museum I went specifically to see Sba’s work  which is a collage textile hanging.  It is delicious. Look at the colours: a veritable peacock and outstanding in a brown place.

It moves to Leytonstone Library and I expect a guest launch ticket as was missed last time. Yes.

This is a commissioned work by Waltham Forest culture lot celebrating 50 years of its Council. Three other artists* took Chingford. Leytonstone and Leyton as their focuses. Sba’s was E17.(*see next blog)

2015-11-29-12.22.08.jpg.jpeg                                                 2015-11-29-12.22.13.jpg.jpeg 2015-11-29-12.21.39.jpg.jpeg                                                                       2015-11-29-12.21.50.jpg.jpeg                          2015-11-29-12.23.34.jpg.jpeg                                  2015-11-29-12.23.46.jpg.jpeg

What the Flip.

So she said to me “I don’t like poetry”.

On Showcase TV, Bob Dylan’s old footage is being screened and someone else said it that Dylan is the best poet to have come out in the last 300 years. Hear hear mate! There’s not one woman in this programme by the way, not singing, not walking by, not presenting. Ne’er mind. We’re so used to it. Ooh just saw a woman co-produced it executively.

I watched a documentary last week about James Brown. Now there’s a guy I don’t warm to. Lived through his music at every Blues party I was dragged to. The documentary after Reginald D. Hunter’s trek through Southern States of USA was great but greater was generous ole Mick Jagger saying it like it was. He guided us through the secrets of editing and assured us that he was never worried about appearing straight after Brown, because he never did. The editing made one particular set of shows look like one evening’s entertainment. Jagger said it was performed over hours and hours with different audiences. I believe him because he was laughing away like an old granddad.

Reginald D Hunter should have taken me to Alabama and beyond. I have eaten grits in New Orleans and written poems about Hurricane Katrina and her family. I would have sat quietly in the car and fanned his forehead. Don’t think he’s keen on women.

So she who doesn’t like poetry asked me today for one of my poems for her radio show. Wow I am juggling an old conundrum in my head “Are principles prejudices?” And would I ask Sba or Hassan or any of my artist acquaintances “Ooh can I just have one of your paintings to boost my ratings?”

There’s an exhibition of sorts at East posh Village in The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this Saturday coming. It’s a tour with artists and to get tickets you had to email the E20 outfit. The flats are private so unless you’ve got the key you can never see the work hung in foyers and stairwells over the next year.  Blow me down! I’m one of the artists and not even a reserved ticket for me. That’s how things happen and twenty years later we say “WTF”.

Teachers Night at William Morris Gallery E17

That was something else: a free evening at the Gallery in all its glory for teachers and those imparting knowledge. I’d been to cultural evenings before following the refurbishment of the magnificent old house and am used to the old now brilliant white staircase up to the top and the once squeaky floorboards. Imagine the maids in days of yore; up and down fetching and carrying for ole Bill and his ilk.

The main temporary exhibition is ….wait for it…..awesome. I loved it. I saw creams and browns, witches and spiders. Kinda topical!

w m g 161013

There were free demonstrations for the attending teachers all about textiles and prints and weaving and block printing and there was free wine with nuts.

So many people I know in Leyton have no idea where is William Morris Gallery, let alone the Village.

The moon was high and nigh on full. It was good to see the viewing gallery from the outside in the dark and to get a show from the coloured lights inside.

Coming soon….