Up Your Street. Issue 17


Tues 10th May free   6.30pm for 6.45pm. Chapel Cinema St Margarets Old Ford Road.E2  “The Jazz Singer” (1927). Take your own crisps.

Wed 11th May free 11-1 Tate Britain Soapbox for over 60s discussing art and wotnot. Great chance to appreciate class art hung on a prestigious wall. Cuppa too.

Thurs 12th May free 6.30-7.45 pm.  Workshop for Anti university facilitators at Hackney Museum.

Fri 13th May free last few days at Bow Arts in Bow to see art by residents of Notting Hill called Dolly Mixture. Ends 18th May,
                        This is super heroes day.

Sun 15th May free Some Up Your Street subscribers off to see a lovely concert at The Tower Of London with The Connaught Singers.
                          free noon-6pm Crown Gate at Victoria Park bandstand music and entertainment.

Thurs 19th May and tomorrow. Free Dilston Grove senior art school. Brilliant workshops with Jean Campbell and free lookabouts at major on- site exhibitions,
Phone Bridget Virden, Learning Manager.
+44 (0)20 7237 1230