Back again

It’s been months and I even forgot my password for this device. Been a busy ole Covid what with primary research, You Tube, Zooming, courses, reading on devices and with hardbacks and dear RAGWORKS creating and exhibiting where no one goes. Listening to BBC Radio 3 going over backwards with any African name for #BLM. Corrie for one hour tonight and Gogglebox.

An academic commended The Osier Project and Shanghati Literary Project accepted me onto their “Power of Folk-Tales” and I have a poem published in a University anthology up there with the big guns. Keeps me away from the bread rations.

And in other news there’s a nasty strain of Covid 19 getting into older people’s systems. Well, ’tis the season of the witch.

Issue 43. Up Your Street

                                                       Up Your Street
Sat 19th  Oct         £3 11-1pm .Cambodian Cooking workshops going for 6 weeks but you can attend however many you like email It’s at the Salvation Army shop in Forest Rd opposite Lloyd Park E17
Mon 21st Oct      donations noon-2pm at Lea Bridge Road Library Community Room session for seniors. Bingo and tea.
                                   free 1-2pm  Lunch at 1pm Film at 1.30pm”Memories” projects and showcasing films from carers and people with special needs/dementia. Waltham Forest Assemnly  Hall E17. A WF carers’ event.
Wed 23rd Oct     free 10-noon Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage in Lloyd Park E17. Animation film workshop.
                                   free   6-7.30pm Poetry reading at The Centre for Better Health 1a Darnley Rd Hackney
Sat 26th Oct         free    2-5pm  Rich Mix Arts Centre. Bethnal Green. Drawing workshop “Prejudice Within me ” hosted by Shanghati Literary Society.
Sun 27th Oct        free  2-3.30pm.Meet Vestry House Museum in the Village E17. Peter Ashan’ s  Black Heritage walk as part of Words Over Waltham Forest festival.
Wed 30th Oct     £3.50 Tea dance in Chingford E4 . 1-4pm All seniors welcome
Coming on 16th Nov 2013 free plus lunch at Birkbeck University campus in Stratford E15 with a tour of Timber Lodge, community hub in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 10-4pm
A day of ideas and discussion led by the Architectural Foundation Inclusion. Book in advance on 020 3073 8391.
“There are people living in the area who have long experience of the waves of regeneration London  experienced over the last 50 years.  How can their own experience and knowledge of local history help them and us to reflect on the transformation of Stratford and the wider area of East London?We are proposing a one-day event in November 2013 to which we aim to recruit local residents of a range of ages and educational backgrounds, alongside a selected group of community organisers and others who work closely with the community.  The aim of the day would be to determine

  1. Whether there’s an appetite among a range of local residents for a further and more extensive programme of discussion, historical investigation, and physical exploration of the regenerated area over the next number of months.
  2. What kinds of events, activities and venues would be most interesting and appealing, that is, most likely to attract people and keep them coming back?”
  3. I’m in!