Issue 3 Up Your Street


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Wed 14th Jan £5 Stratford Theatre Royal east . The Stratford East Singers evening show at 7.30pm. Book online

Sat 17th Jan free  1.45-4pm  Brick making like the Victorians. At Bow’s Chisenhale Centre, 64 Chisenhale Road E3. Book at Eventbrite. Wear a pinny.

Mon 19th Jan free 11 am Book at  CreativeMornings Ldn website for a place to Friday’s session  entitled UGLY. Tickets go very quickly. Usually a free croissant breakfast, 20 minute talk from the rostrum then networking. Worth a peek.

Tues 20th Jan free David Boote leads and guides on another free walk.

:”Escape across the Marshes “(part 1 of Tottenham Outrage walk)

11 am.Tottenham Hale Station > Higham Hill W15 bus stop; option to continue to Highams Park Station

7pm (donation)  The Mill Coppermill Lane E17 Mill Book Club analysing and appreciating “The Blackwater Lightship “.

Wed 21st Jan £3 POSH dance. Tea dance at St Paul’s Church Amhurst Road and Stoke Newington Road . Strictly posh gear.wpid-img_95315535709391.jpegBook on 02077374043

                                 free 11-1pm Leyton Library E10 Exhibition all about memories of the Great War at Whipps Cross Hospital with Eastside Community Heritage . Tickets at Eventbrite

Thurs 22nd Jan free  4.30-6.30pm Hackney Museum. Local  Roots project launch with students entertaining. Always a great welcome. Book at Eventbrite

Fri 23rd Jan       free  8.30-10am..  AM …68, Hanbury St E1 Creatives meet up. Book last Mondayjam

Sat 24th Jan     free  2-4pm   Chisenhale tour E3  . Book at Eventbrite

                              free   2-5pm Party launch sign up to volunteer event at Bishopsgate Institute all about ye olde Centerprise in Hackney. No need to book.

 £5 plus 80p booking charge. All weekend 20 minute tours of Alexandra Palace, N8.

Mon 26th Jan free   10-3pm Toynbee Hall E1 .Conference via AgeUK “Ageing without children”. Buffet lunch  . Book at Eventbrite




Issue 1. Up Your Street. 2014


A rotten year gone
Prune back for new growth
Forward with all pistons
Into the fray. Stay true
In love and solidarity                Roger HuddleIMAG00648


 Wed 8th Jan £5     7.30pm Stratford East Singers show  with Byron Gold at Stratford Theatre Royal E.15

Thurs 9th Jan  £2.50 for Silver Screeners (Join on spot for free!) 1pm Hackney Picturehouse “Don’t Look Now” (1973). Cuppa tea too.

                                free  6-8.30pm  E17 Community Kitchen at Waltham Forest College              Forest Rd E17. Just bring yourself.

                                   free 7pm Rich Mix Bethnal Green E1 “Changing Spaces” preview of Jonathan O’Dea’s art.”Using recycled building  materials and found objects from  parks I created a  number of wall-mounted sculptures that explore regeneration and the  natural and industrial history of the area. (Lee Valley area)

Sat 11th Jan   10-11am  The Mill E17 Khyal arts – Indian Singing Classes

In these classes we sing in styles from North India,Pakistan and Bangladesh. We are open to all, regardless of ethnic or religious background. We are a mutually supportive class. Beginners are welcome, no previous musical experience needed.Info:

                              free 11-4pm                 Kim Dennis, who curated the photography show at The Mill E17 , is making a call out for budding photographers to participate in her workshop . Kim will give a preliminary talk, outlining the basics of street photography, and offer the opportunity of going on to central London after the market. Bring a packed lunch, meet your fellow enthusiasts, then head out to the High Street. So bring cameras – DSLR, film camera, a disposable, or your phone, a travel card if you want to continue in to Central London. Ask questions, wrap up warm and enjoy!2013-05-26 11.45.06                           up_your_street_2[1] (2)

Sat evening free 7 for 7.30pm News From Nowhere Club at the Epicentre West Street E11. A talk about the history of Working Men’s Clubs. Bring food to share please.



Up Your Street. Issue 13

Sun 7th April   free 8pm Theatre Royal Stratford Bar. Stratford East Singers perform under Byron Gold.

Thurs 11th April £2.50 1pm  Hackney PictureHouse “The Philadelphia Story”

Fri 12th April     free Join the Silver Screen Club at Hackney Picture House if you’re over 60.


Up Your Street. Final Issue for 2012. No. 23.

                                           Merry Christmas

Starting in the New Year  there are free walks coming up with “Footsteps“,

all sorts of uplifting courses nice and cheap at the Centre for Better Health in Darnley Road, Hackney

and almost opposite there has opened “Unpackaged” a shop where you can take along your container and buy the amount of pulses, wine and other commodities that you want.

There’s a major art exhibition scheduled for the new year at the Mill E17 and variety shows on Friday evenings with The Stuart Low Trust.

On Fridays there will be free classical recitals at Claremont.

Not forgetting Wednesdays at  Theatre Royal Stratford east (TRSE) For £3 sing along with Stratford East Singers (SES) with Byron Gold conducting.

I’ll be updating you in my regular listings.

Thurs 10th Jan £2.50      at Hackney PictureHouse  a screening of  “A Taste Of Honey” followed by actor Murray Melvin taking Q&A.


Next issue of Up Your Street Sat 19th Jan.  Issue 1. 2013

Newham’s Shindig

Smashing evening at The Stratford east Picture House  E15 last night. Laura Beswick i/c community and engagement @Newham Council hosted an evening of Olympic and Paralympic based quizzes, talks and refreshments: Yes even  ADAM THE PASTRY GUY’s tiered celebration cake was adorned with flags (UK) and festooned with the Ring colours found on the free Newham pens. it was a chance to lark about and fill in seriously forms with ideas to get the community engaged in London 2012 by suggesting local tea parties etc. Sorry mates, you lost that engagement a long time ago as Maccas and the Cadbury Giants moved in buying up all the tickets then doing a Willy Wonka chocolate bar lottery or by grooming  kids with give- away pedometers. Lion King, Marvel Man etc move over.

It was great to see over the road through the lit windows of Stratford east Theatre Royal the Stratford east Singers swaying away . Their timetable is over the top what with Babel and private concerts. Lovely outfit, every age, every colour. Don’t mind the promo stuff; you’d think it was a black girls’ Sunday school choir. What suits eh?

Laura did well. The buffet was very good. I met Sandra, DLR ambassador who sat on Action Community Team Newham with me ,and she was generous enough to have guided tourists to the RAGWORKS exhibitions. The Germans recognised Rumpel- Stilts- Kin and loved the three blind mice versions. Furry.

Talking about hair. I read Vagenda’s blog about she growing her bodily hair in defiance of the big guns advertising lot telling we women what to mutilate on our bodies. Love the hair and the article is excellent. Bollox to Nair.

“Macbeth” wasn’t on but I saw three witches plain as day. How is Time2Craft getting on ?

Bringing home International Women’s Day 2012

To the 72 year old Chinese Mauritian Londoner who over the year left the confines of her kitchen and  crochet,  stuffed her Freedom Pass into her noodle- box and went afar over the bridge to Stratford to sing ,  marched the Black Path for crocus bulbs out of Organiclea’s muddy bags, and stitched curtains for The Mill, went on across the Lea  into Darnley Road to mould and finger clay, on to Queensbridge Road to thread beads, into Ridley Road Market to use a mic, upstairs into Intergenerational BSix’s unknown, and tasted Hackney big time, for the first time: To she who witnessed cusses on stage and learnt the joy of Hip Hop and S.E. Singers’ soul, who banged wool into felt in E17 and copied William M’s designs, to she who traipsed castles in Kent and twisted into shape a tea pot of plastic crochet whilst observing earth works from a tower on The Greenway, to that woman I offer my salute.

NB And she couldn’t have done it without Up Your Street.

Let me tell you about Stratford East Singers!

Went along yesterday for 3 hours of singing; bit of soul and some harmonised soul/pop too. We assemble in our eagerness at Theatre Royal Stratford east where Shawab of the TRSE and Openstage2012  is our host. We sing to express our connection to the song and not to perform or entertain or be X Factorites. We do that.

Many subscribers to Up Your Street are involved  and all the three groups of singers, and I have heard the word “choir” bandied about, represent a good mix of ages.

Our tutor is ace; disciplined and passionate.

What more can you want from a freebie?

Come on down. Monday and Wednesday evenings. Phone Shawab at TRSE for more info.

Spirits rising

Yesterday I went off to Theatre Royal Stratford east to join in the Stratford East Singers. Jan i/c Theatre and Education at TRSE had arranged it since 8th October and before and there was plenty of interest in free singing in the theatre. Agewell Singers happens every Thursday lunch-time at Stratford Circus but restricts its participants to over those 50 years old or better. Here was a place and a time for those just wanting to open their mouths and sing. Shawab, TRSE assistant director, welcomed us and introduced us to Byron Gold our tutor  and the TRSE creative music director. Well, we had fun and scary bits too when we had to sing solo. Of  course, we weren’t forced to but we like to get in the spirit if it all. GREAT. There was a good mix of ages, ethnicities and boldness. Charlotte i/c Openstage2012 TRSE joined in with volunteers who’d also come via Up Your Street. We were great.

Went over to Downhills Park in Tottenham for half term adults’ brooch-making with buttons and bows, rags and pins, sewing and Nina. Was an eye-opener. What you can do with scrap eh?

Ended the day with a guest pass to Hackney Picturehouse. All the founder members have their names in light and then on the screens in colour and in B&W. Watched Clooney’s “Ides Of March”, a tale of a man’s integrity, falls from grace, values of life bla bla. A brave thing to do another drama about the American presidency campaigns and their shenanigans. Clooney damn handsome as ever.

I love the fact that we can munch and rustle bags like rats in the dark cos it’s the flicks and not the theatre. The founder members look nothing like what I thought Hackney people are i. e. mixed up racially and deliciously diverse. And I saw very few  people look like they aged more than 50 years.

I’m wondering who will come to show songs at TRSE tomorrow Wednesday because it finishes at 9.30pm. I’ll be there for sure. High Street Seniors exists to encourage seniors to be out in their neighbourhoods after dark. We walk on Thursday. See issue 42 of Up your Street.