advance priority notice of screenings for Up Your Street subscribers.

Each Wednesday at 4pm there is a special “London Screening” at Stratford Picture House E 15 costing £2.50 for seniors with  a free cup of hot beverage too.
25 Jan Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg, 2007) with Naomi Watts, Viggo Mortensen
1 Feb My Beautiful Laundrette (Stephen Frears, 1985) Daniel Day Lewis
8 Feb Gangs of New York (Martin Scorsese, 2002) Leonardo Di Caprio, Danie Day Lewis
15 Feb Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958) James Steward, Kim Novak
22 Feb Mona Lisa (Neil Jordan, 1986) Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson
29 Feb Dirty Pretty Things (Stephen Frears, 2002) Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou and Sophie Okonedo
Always a warm welcome at The Stratford Picture House. Hope you can make it. We get an introduction first.

Hackney Picture House

Getting quite excited about Hackney Picture House.  At a book club I heard people groan at its name. Oh What! They be the same who moan about The Olympics. Well the two things are here and let’s use them. My nearest flicks is Stratford which I love and then the Vue E20 will damage it, you see. Nice to have a choice and as I love Hackney I shall be at

Silver Screen before 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. £4 though!  Did Hackney people lose their ‘poor’ mantle? I suspect Stratford cinema charges will increase from £2.50 to £4 now.  At Stratford we get tea and biscuits before the screening but at Hackney  it’s afterwards. We’ll see about that. There’s still ole Rio though with its free monthly matinees with cake and tea. But their films are dragged screaming from the archives where they hide with the Lavender Hill Mob.  We ain’t all war babies. However there’s going to  be a Reminiscence club talking about and enjoying archive films and “old gems” (shiver) at Hackney PH once a month.

From Jan 2012 there will be workshops in film theory. See what that costs!

So that’s all good and on Tuesday coming I get to see a preview for free. I shall see how many Hackneyites turn up.

On November 8th at Hackney Empire the BBC is offering places  to a free concert and a laugh with Paul O’Grady. You apply to BBC  ticketing and wait to see if you’re lucky. That same evening the Hackney PH is putting on a satellite beamed screening with Mariella Frostrup and Tim Marlow talking about Leonardo da Vinci’s work at the National Gallery. Cheap as chips. £7 or £6 members. or there is a programme of beamed opera and ballet too at a speckle of the price of watching it all in the flesh.



Newham rules!

So tomorrow a FreedomPassful of Waltham Forest seniors are going to Stratford Picture House in Stratford’s Cultural Quarter to watch for free on the big screen from plush comfy seats the Royal Wedding. We can even take our own hot food into the bar and even get cutlery off the fabulous staff who always welcome us, always. We think we’re getting wedding cake and champagne. We are excited, not particularly Royalists but like a good day out.

Had a day of good and bad stuff today. The coffee and cake reading group led by Lydia at Hackney Central Library is always worth the hour. Today’s book was “The Death of Ivan Illyach” by ole Tolstoy. Yep we delved deeply into that one as we tucked into strawberries, cream cake and almond cookies. All good.

Off to Songololo-Feet and learnt to crochet plastic off plastic bags. Absolutely rocking! Enjoyed the quieter group as people are still on holiday.

Went to the Princess Of Wales down Lea Bridge Road for lunch but actually £7 for a baguette is a bit much. Advertised  High Street Seniors for May 9th in Wapping (see events and High Street Seniors later in this busy week).

In the evening I went to Walthamstow Central Library and OMG what a building, Upstairs to the reference library is a treat of polished wooden staircases and banisters. The ceilings are high and elaborately decorated. Lovely. There was a free very very basic workshop about social media and small businesses. I could have come off the street and said “These are the main 5 ways of using your computer to reach out to the millions who might want some of what you’ve got.” Good old Waltham Forest must have paid a packet for a consultant to entertain us. Done and over. Free it was to the public and part of WF libraries and businesses project/enterprise. Check out The Pamper Shop on this blog site to see what the Central Library is offering next!

Met my neighbour up my street whom I’ve spoken to twice in 10 years and we had a good natter and a chuckle when she told me her new neighbours have 9 kids. One end street.

London Short Film Festival at Stratford Picture House E15, tonight.

Excellent. Food for thought. Well worth the £7 entrance for seniors. Superior films. Class A acting, film work and productions. Could have sat there all night; well the Picture House is comfy and warm. I’d used my promotional code off the internet to enjoy an half price pizza at Pizza Express downstairs where those table attendants are a credit to the people who slog for the daily National wage.

So!  the films… out of  “Reunion, Half Term, The Loop, Lost Paradise, The Block, Promise, Knock Off and Baby ” I could not choose a favourite. I loved “Half Term” because of the pace and how it smashed our predictions.”Lost Paradise” was supreme. The acting is amazing and the whole  story glides along in tragedy. No-one ever  smiles. Loads of easily recogniseable urban streets and close- ups of  London Asian faces.(pretty rare on telly anyway. Don’t even consider Eastenders. There are few actors on that cf. Corrie).Every film was pretty grimy. I am sick of urban this and that but we enter 2011 now so who knows what turns up, what’s in the making digitally right now. It’ll be whatever the right -on funders want. “Baby” was a true shocker. Grimy pick up, grimy sordid sex despite the flowing hair and gorgeous camera work. Such a twist at the end.Very good.

Of course the films denanded some analysis because of the way they were billed:- “On Road: Black and Asian Stories. ” Above all we were entertained at the pictures and no amount of intellectual challenge can stop the crisp-packets and sweet-wrappers being attacked by the rats in their darkness. We applauded spontaneously. Truly deserved, y’all!  And “The Loop” was so clever. The guy was performing poetry on the rotten streets. He was rapping without the beats and the clutching of his crutch. His anger was easy to hear. He was Hamlet. Nuff said.