Old is the new Black

“Popcorn: An Audio /Visual Thing” on Sky Arts 1 doing its run at present as in repeated every few hours showing Peter Clifton’s montage of 1960s performances including some Twiggy, Small Faces,  Otis, Stones and more. (1969!) Re-edited?

Vintage TV in serious competition may be and all this going on plus  “Saturday Night Live” on Sky Arts too and Neil Sedaka popping up and then Beeb showing a programme today revving up inter-generational projects with teenagers exploring their own prejudices about seniors (“oldies”) by working in a retirement lodge.

Now what’s happening in real life?  Regarding inter-generational projects where twenty somethings have to interact with 50+ people, that has been tried and tested at Streetlifefm and is a dismal failure which is not being addressed because no-one in charge knows how to change their or anyone else’s attitudes.

Tons is being focussed on seniors.   Well, not in Waltham Forest compared to Tower Hamlets and Hackney . Seniors are  being tapped for all they have in terms of memories and reminiscences but who’s reading all that stuff? Someone is afraid of seniors being left out like Black peeps in the 1980s were. Seniors will become alienated and invisible with no voice and representation. Oh that’s what AgeUk is for!

Best thing I’ve seen for ages on BBC2 : Birmingham Opera Company’s Verdi’s “Othello”. It so referred to my experience at the drama workshop at TRSE last Thursday. i e Shakespeare for the masses, engaging with the audience, bringing in the community through the use of local dance troupes and Birmingham people doin’ their acting thing. And Stephanie, the soprano… “Willow” and her prayer to Mary just blew us all away. Check it on BBCi player.

Up your street for in and around Wapping. issue 7

Tues      Nov   16th   Channel 4. 9pm  “The Family” returns. (See 22nd Nov Rich Mix)

Thurs   Nov     18th       free 10a m -noon. Streetlifefm radio  Mary Katherine presents (see

photo) an    online radio programme for seniors with chat, interviews, golden oldies and silver sounds. Go to http://www.streetlifefm.com                email studio@streetlifefm.com with requests.

Fri        Nov  19th          free 1-4pm London Metropolitan Archives, “Reel London”Archive                                                                                film of London and Thames

Sun   Nov     21st          free 6pm St Paul’s Cathedral. Remembrance Service. Just turn up.

Mon  Nov    22nd         free 6.30pm at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Rd. An episode preview of Channel  4’s “The Family”  Q&A session too.Book 0n 0207613 7498

COMING SOON        many free recitals at Spitalfields Winter Music Festival booking now on 02073771362

Mary Blue’s Show

I co-host with Mary Blue on Streetlifefm. She does all the techno work whilst I am the outreach lady. Today was great as per because we keep positive and uplifted throughout.

Some ole skool music today as well; Bob Marley, Alicia Keys, bit of Annie Lennox and then some Pixie Lott off the chart playlist. At 11.00am on came our wonderful guest  Nicole Moore of Shangwe Publications. Shangwe means “Celebration”. Nicole read punchy poetry. Yes!

Mary Blue reads poems often on her programme. Today she did a book review and people were emailing in with gusto!

I also came prepared to do a photo journal of Mary Blue at work. Got some good

natural shots and then wouldn’t along come a professional photographer and no-one told us about that. Took it bravely and let the professionals do their bit. We seniors are  the new black so fit the favoured demographic in terms of vital montages and movie slides etc. We ain’t daft, know what’s goin’ on.

Love the wind and the leaves cascading in my back yard.

Check out Valerie Bateson’s photos of Epping Forest in the Autumn wind around Walthamstow.

So much going on and to do. Yesterday was a day of Diwali celebrations in parts of Islington and Hackney. I was unable to go out to play/not prepared to travel as a sardine cos of the tube strike choking up the buses. I got over it. Up the workers!

radio show

Just guested on Mary Blue’s Streetlifefm community radio show at Waltham Forest College. Super. Already booked in next week’s and beyond guests. Mary and I are Silver Sounders, pioneer volunteer presenters and dj’s at  the radio  station. Throughout the year, every Thursday without fail, Mary Blue does her show   ” Lifting yourself up to good living” through from 10am until noon.

She asked me about Openstage the volunteer project run by Charlotte Handel at Stratford Theatre. There isn’t a theatre in Waltham Forest so through Up Your Street, seniors travelled over the boundary and joined in  the training sessions and the work involved to make the local community feel engaged with TRSE, Theatre Royal Stratford east.

Last night we volunteers at Openstage were treated to tickets for the press night of “Reasons To Be Cheerful”. The theatre was alive with Ian Drury fans and attendants dressed oh so smartly in black and white topped off with red carnation button holes. Well done staff! Well done as usual TRSE!

Oh yes! The performance..Well, I had my Simon Cowell moment…….. In one word?…Torture… There I said it!