Argall Bid

Argall Bid and E11 Bid had the pleasure of my company at a business awards ceremony and dinner tonight at the old Leyton Municipal Offices in High Road, Leyton, you know that road with non-stop roadworks because it leads to you know where. That’s right E20.

Wonderful evening with the same food smell as Theatre Royal Stratford east. That old town hall  building is gorgeous. Freezing and empty but…. one day. The business evening was very nice and very local. Awards were given to companies I’ve grown up with which are established in dumpy areas: I mean places with pavements not suitable for flip-flop wearers. Everything grows and signs pop up as London becomes host to the world again. The Black Path is nearby and leads to Coppermill Lane. E17 where a wonderful community hub called The MillE17 attracts the resident artists and craftspeople, poets and seniors who do their thing.

drawing at The Mill, Coppermill Lane

Went to The Mill today in the former St James Library
                                            Coppermill Lane, bottom end of Walthamstow Market,E17.

 This is a new community hub which opened on August 6th and still smells of the new wood. Excellent welcome and a load of events coming up. Look out for
 Up Your Street bulletins.
The W12 goes to the door and 158 and 58 go past the Oxfam Shop nearby. Disabled accessible.
 I joined the free art drawing class with Sergio. Well that was great. I also walked to the venue from Lea Bridge Rd through The Black Path and Low Hall Wood (conservation area). It’s amazing! What was rubbish ground composed of ignored trees and brushwood is now precious…. and re-named. I shall call the route “The Housewives Way” because in the thirties all the wives on the new residential housing estate nearby took their baskets and coppers every Thursday morning and went through the cut to Walthamstow Market, formerly Marsh Lane  E17. Today it was quiet.I saw berry-laden elderberry branches. My dad used to make elderberry wine in the fifties from the tree fruit in Coldfall Playing Fields, Muswell Hill. When I got to Coppermill Lane I went left instead of right as I didn’t really know the place and ended up marching in the heat past the Canada Geese towards the Thames Water lot where Copper Mill stands. There’s always a jogger or a cyclist about so got my correct directions and turned around in time to board the W12 bus to The Mill. Quaint bus service eh? Hail and Ride. I just loved today’s adventure. “Living my life like it’s golden”.
          After the art class I wended my way into the market. Weirdly quiet for a Friday, possibly because of Ramadan.