issue 39. Up Your Street

Tues  10th Nov free  10.30-1.30 Mosaics workshop at The Mill E17. Book ahead
                           free  1-3pm at  Pimp Hall Nature Reserve
Off Kings Road

E4 7HR London

                        community sewing with Significant Seams.
Wed   11th Nov free   6-8pm Final get-together at Idea Store Whitechapel for The Art Of Ageing. Book at Eventbritewpid-2015-08-23-12.51.43.jpg.jpeg
Thurs 12th Nov free   5-6.30pm Claremont Project in White Lion Street Islington. Launch of art exhibition “Cultures I Identify With”                            

Mrs and Mr.jpg
Fri      13th Nov free   2-4pm over 65 then come to the British Museum for an afternoon about Mediaeval Art with a cuppa.
Sat     14th Nov free   noon-6pm open studio and again tomorrow

date The Chocolate Factory
Clarendon Road
Wood Green
N22 6XJ London
United Kingdom

Ming ting bing shing gorgeous

Ming at British Museum free with Claremont Project. Just the nine places, dear?

Ah, nice quiet BM on a November evening with its iconic façade lit up  and black railings shiny wet after the rains on London’s flagstones.

The Ming exhibition, costly at its price, is exceptionally well-laid-out what with jade coloured walls and plush red ones too.


Ming 1

We particularly liked quotes from past scholars emblazoned on the walls and then the jade jewels. We had to read twice the notes about boys captured and castrated in order to live as slaves in Royal palace. The film about ships in Ming times mesmerises. There was much to read and loads to ogle at.

.ming 2

Up Your Street’s Bonus list featuring Stuart Low Trust and The Claremont Project in Islington

  Up Your Street finding free activities for seniors around
The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.                  
Tues 25th June free 11-noon Tap dancing performance at the  Claremont Project in The Angel Islington. (Become a member).
Thurs 27th June free 2.30-4.30pm. Film “Life In A Day” (94 mins)at Claremont.(Members only. Join up).The film made in 2011 is a documentary based on You Tube clips.
Tues 2nd July free Join Stuart Low Trust and go on a free trip to The Ragged School Museum. Meet 11 am Angel underground station entrance. Lunch generously given freely. Book in advance.
                     free 11-2pm With Claremont, visiting new exhibition at The Estorick Gallery in posh Islington. Book in advance.02078373402
                      free 3-5pm Strawberry tea in Culpeper Gardens by The Angel Islington. Ask Claremont to reserve you a place.
Fri 28th June free 6.30-9pm. Stuart Low Trust  at St Mary’s Community Centre in Upper Street. Free supper too. Islington “Buildings Exploratory for seniors'”  speaker to talk about Clerkenwell.
Fri 5th July free        2-3pm Claremont, White Lion Street for members (join up anyway: it’s free) Flamenco dancing and music.
Wed 10th July free  2.30pm “Life of Pi” at Rio Cinema, Dalston. Free cake and tea too. Long film.
Sat 13th July free 10am film screening at the Tate Modern “Art Is…”. Book your place at Tokarska Gallery in Forest Road E17.
Sat 20th July  Free? Creative writing at The Mill E17.
Senior VOLUNTEERS needed.
1) The Kids Kitchen in the Hornbeam Centre e17 can train you on 18th July for free to run a kids kitchen. Ask at The Hornbeam.
2) Women seniors needed to assist at NANA’s in Chatsworth Road.E5.

It’s all about building communities.

It’s always a bonus when a free picnic, pizza or a  cup of tea is given generously by interns and volunreers to seniors who attend a seniors’ project or an arranged tour for seniors. It’s not necessarily the case that seniors are desperate for the food. Having a cuppa is a full stop after a walk or an inspiring  session. No the tea is a ploy to build communities. Getting a crowd of seniors together sharing a beverage is a success because people have come out and joined in. A community is built.

The Claremont Project in White Cross Street successfully builds its community. It is mainly a community of women aged 70 years and more, and in the main, they are indigenous White British women. The supporting attendees at St Luke’s lunchtime concerts could well be the same women at Claremont. For the last ten years that St Luke’s audience has not been representative of London’s multi-cultural community. For the last six years I have sat next to mostly curly white perms at the Claremont Project. Today there was an audience of sixty for a rousing African drumming entertainment at Claremont. Once again the audience was very old, white and womanly.

And so what?

A mug of tea and a cake cost a mere 20p. Everyone there could have paid £1 and the organisers know that. But the profitting on value tea bags is not the aim: The aim is to gather people, keep them informed, allow them some joy and let thrive a community whatever its composition . All success to the Claremont Project and its open doors. You’ll hardly see adverts but now you know it’s there.

In the morning I was with the Buildings Exploratory Group for seniors which was introduced to Claremont before Christmas 2012. We had reserved seats at St Luke’s to watch a lunchtime concert and a reserved table in the Crypt Café.  Our guide Phillip showed us interesting features about the old old church which is now a music education venue about to celebrate its tenth year, as well as being the rehearsal room for the LSO.

Yep, all good.

Free courses and workshops, up and down.

All happening!  The last of the cake-decorating classes in Holden Point passed yesterday with a fanfare of photography and certificates for those who were there at the right time.

Singing sessions with Stratford East Singers phased into its new time yesterday : Intense Wednesday from 7-9.30pm. Bit of Africa medley,  a la Lady Smith Black Mambazo*,  going on with some R&B stepped up and in. Nothing to complain about there as we have a teacher who is passionate about his work , is the TRSE Creative Music Director,  and  makes sure we are all engaged and on the note.  Observers came from another big event in its planning stage and clapped for us vigorously. All coincidental isn’t it that projects are busy involving the community ready in time for the Games?  That’s what I like about the Olympics and Paralympics on their way, that there are opportunities galore for seniors and others but I am, through Up Your Street, on the look out for free events and activities for those above 55.

Ballroom dance lessons close for the term soon at Round Chapel, Lower Clapton, Hackney and will go out with a sequinned flurry and a party. The Claremont Project in Islington will teach seniors ballroom dancing for £2 a go. Membership is free, smiles still being priced up.

“Still Alive And Kicking” with Songololo moved back to The Sharp End in Dalston after moving to Manor House and losing participants on the way. Live and learn!

GLL’s seniors’ sessions on Mondays at Kelmscott E17 satisfied the crowd and will get stronger as the weeks go by. 50p and lots to do.

Stratford Picture House continues to draw in seniors. Added to their viewing pleasure is a free archive exhibition all about Murray Melvin, the actor and archivist at Theatre Royal Stratford East. Murray will be in Leytonstone in March with the “News from Nowhere Club”. There’s also a season of London on Film happening at Stratford PH. That’s watching clips, eating popcorn and joining in discussions. The last one when “Bullet Boy” was screened was hot and contentious. Good to talk. I would have liked to see Openstage 2012 volunteers at Theatre Royal Stratford East (TRSE) go into discussion groups to review the free shows they get to watch. Good to air opinions and be visible contributors.

“A Taste Of Hackney” , a Ridley Road intergenerational project, had teething problems and still needs Bonjela. It is being evaluated continuously but who knows if that is a a police thing where the only people who evaluate the actions of the police are in fact the biased police. Come now! At The Lawns in Daltson there is an Hackney Healthy Eating Project where yam is king.

So so much to dip into, enjoy and learn from. I waited years to join a free and comfortable singing group. Bingo.

*By the way, SkyArts  1 is showing Lady Smith Black Mambazo, Shabalala’s Zulu choir, in their 2011 concert at Hay.  Timely! Ugh, no eye-candy.