Hornbeam and The Pearl Earring Girl

You would think that I’d be the darling of the pop up art world what with my recycled materials, vintage threads, crafty fingers, global awareness and nods to multiculturalism. Ha, not so. Plodding on with hardening fingertips which should be protected by a thimble I do my own promoting and hanging of RAGWORKS with a little help from Mo and Cirillo. I continue to blow my own trumpet

Ragworks_Logo (1).

RAGWORKS by Gillian Lawrence is a collection of hand-made and sewn wall-hangings using discarded textiles and retrieved thread. The nursery rhyme and world folk-lore characters e.g. Anansi, Humpty Dumpty and Puff, have travelled into their own unique exhibitions in 5 London boroughs and have been asked back for Winter 2013.

I forage (fashionable word) for textiles by visiting a garment manufacturer. Previously  I’d sort through their black bags full of fag-ends and Costa cartons and the treasures of acrylic furs, vinyl belts, herringbone tweeds and glittery sequinned pockets, when it was snowing, and early in the morning. At last the owner responded properly to my begging and reserved beautiful fabrics for me. What I don’t use, can’t store, I give to the Roma Gipsies on my street. I acknowledged my benefactors on a blog. I asked tailors along High Streets to reserve their discarded threads for me and so I collected many dust piles. The miserable men just don’t get the recycling bug.

I love with a passion the creativity I soak in and then share on my wall-hangings. There’s a release of a kind and when a work’s complete I know because I am satisfied. Just as I create, so I destroy and take apart work to re-use the same textiles and thread now full of my DNA.

Today “Girl With A Pearl Earring” settled on the white brick interior wall at the Hornbeam Café in Hoe Street Walthamstow E17. and awaits on a promise of a buyer.pearl version 2 at Hornbeam 090713

We’ll see.

RAGWORKS at The Hornbeam Café in E17

Hornbeam bags 2“Embellished Bags”.

                   At The Hornbeam Café right plonk in the “Appetite” festival time RAGWORKS is on display. Down came the nine elephants of Goa and up went linen bags embellished with recycled and rescued textiles and sequins. 
                  The Café was looking beautiful today with the hanging bags, Kat in her African dress and the sun streaming onto the buggies and jam-jars. Well worth a visit and the hot chocolate!

Poetry and William Morris

In the old servants’ quarters up two flights of stairs in the William Morris House and Gallery E17 where the refurbishment allowed the wholescale white painting -over of the brown panels, in the upstairs where the heat rests heavy , we had an evening of poetry readings inspired by the works of William Morris. I like to see who comes to these events and remember we’re in Walthamstow, just down from Ye Olde Rose and Crown theatre pub and opposite the Sally Army shop which is going through some gentrification and I noticed that I was surely amongst the literati maybe and definitely the white middle class of aforesaid parish. True I knew there was a unionist from working class stock waiting in the wings and coincidentally when he shone on stage, his poem was my favourite. We were not in Leyton then.

The poetry was fine: a couple of professionals began the programme and there were a few readers with that earnest poetry reading voice which Stephen Fry and I just cannot abide. Most of the poems did the job ; that is they were words inspired by the colour and design of William Morris or by his rotten marital relationship. The poets are all “Forest Poets” who meet monthly at Ye Olde Rose and Crown. It was a free event as part of the outstanding E17Art Trail.

Before my ascent into inspirings about the blues and the peacocks and the soaring doves of Morris I fell upon Grayson Perry’s “The Walthamstow Tapestry”.  I forgot the exhibited work was coming down soon so was lucky to chance through the door. I love Perry’s  philosophy about the work he did; all his interview responses were up to read on a  panel. I loved knowing that he used printing technology including Photoshop to create his massive work which is humerous more than anything. His tapestry depicts our journey through life, through consumerism so all the now Brand names are prominent like Nike and Visa. Get close up and see the colours and textures all done by machine. Was a change to be in a gallery with viewers laughing and comparing opinions.

William Morris has a whole programme of events going on right into 2013. It’s set in Lloyd Park. Wait to see that space covered in snow. Last night at about 7, the sunset over the House was rich and yellow.

Well done the Forest Poets. Well done the William Morris Gallery. Thank you.

Refusing to end the beautiful warm evening at 9pm I joined the Open Mic Nite at the Hornbeam Café near sordid Bakers Arms but living just inside Walthamstow by its post code. What a buzzing place with music sounding, a warm glow from the window onto the pavement and a huddle of drunks hiding by the bike stands. Didn’t recognize any of my neighbours in the room. The Hornbeam Café.  Sausages.