No.16 Poems for International Women’s Day 2015

 The Petition

Bride-price me

for my skin is glowing

I shine in the sun

of the Harmatten noon

like the Palm Oil Maiden

who melts

to a pool of scented balm

                                                              Palm Oil Daughter

Bargain for me

for my thighs are caressed

and plumped

by overeating of pounded yam

and odoriferous stew

Slip your hands down the round

of my shoulders and neck

I was spread over

with cocoa butter

and softened to touch

These arms you examine

are firm

from river side slapping

on washday lines

See my long strong fingers

how they twist and twine

my coil-sprung hair

Choose me

for I can measure in my hand

the amount of salt

for the meat

and the strength of the chilli pepper

by its heat

how to sit in silence

when the man eats

and the crickets sing

My skin is deep brown

in the yellow cling

of the kerosene light

Take me

for I smile

closed mouth in the night.


Issue 40. Up Your Street

                                             Issue 40. Up Your Street


Wed 2nd   Oct   free 10-noon Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage E17.

                               free  6pm Paraa invites all to the launch of the photographic and architectural exhibition at Rich Mix E1 entitled “Unlimited Dreams in A Limited Space”.

Thurs 3rd Oct   free  6-8pm “Art Arising” Launch of new Newham art gallery

Tower Gallery 395 Barking Road London E13 8AL

 All are welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.
Please note that the gallery is based in the bell tower stairwell and there is no step-free access to the gallery. A video tour of the exhibition will be on show during the event at 7pm on the ground floor.                                  free 7-8.30pm SANKOFA at Hackney Museum  “The truth about Black History Month 1926-2013”

Tar babyThe Palm Oil Daughter by RAGWORKS.

Sat 5th Oct  free. 4.30-6pm Leytonstone Library E11. Play “Stories of Migration. ” Book at Eventbrite.


Sun 6th Oct.  free. Last chance to enjoy sculpture and poems at The Mill E17. “Waiting”.




A Reminiscence Quilt by RAGWORKS all about Leyton E10

leyton quilt on 2nd aug

Just about finishing then the artwork will include a key,  as would you recognize the paraffin pump which was situated on Cathall Road E11 ? In those days, if I had work  and when I got my wage packet, I’d be able to stock up and hoard paraffin in petrol containers in my bedsit. Imagine! Lived like a queen for a while there.

And public baths where Tesco is now I believe in Bakers’ Arms. Served me well, I should cocoa.

Ragworks_Logo (1)

RAGWORKS makes artistic and creative use of discarded textiles and found threads. All the designs are unique and the work is all done by hand. Very therapeutic. Very green. Much of the work is in the form of wall-hangings  worked on with the artist’s designs to depict nursery rhyme and world-wide folklore characters. I love The Palm Oil Daughter. Tar baby

RAGWORKS is always being exhibited somewhere around The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.