Olympic Route Network

Yaheee! The Games come closer. London is truly excited. Pro or against, this is one of the biggest things happening in London in many people’s lifetime and we are ready.

In 5 hours the Olympic Route Network opens and woe betide you if you mistakenly drive into it.

Beckham told newscasters that he will feature in the Opening Ceremony. Wow. All surprises are really still intact. #keepthesurprise  Look how we all did keep quiet after having attended the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony. London fans unite.

London people are so ready to greet our Olympic visitors. There are many people on the streets, going about their business. Nothing interrupts their routine. They don’t drive, never knew Stratford east anyway, and are oblivious to the rising of beauty from a massive brownfield site. They are the people the Olympics forgot. The community engagement officers tried and failed to raise the indifferents off their butts. Meanwhile, we, the involved, are set to party. London Transport has advised us to stay out of Stratford on Friday evening unless we have a ticket. Marooned E15ers; empty Westfield, I don’t think so.

At the Opening Ceremony rehearsal, McDonalds was shut. I know!!!   And better I checked their food prices and there were no nasty mark-ups. Ain’t Friday yet.

Boris our Mayor, speaks to passengers on the buses. His recorded message is lost on non-English speakers. I rarely meet any English speakers nowadays on the buses in Leyton and Stratford. Tonight when Boris spoke no-one showed a glimmer of understanding. Now, ain’t that a shame! Ah, the people the Olympics forgot.