75th anniversary of The Battle of Cable Street

On Sunday 9th October at 3pm there’s a tour and celebration of  The
Cable Street Mural depicting the Battle of Cable Street,

Free but book with the Whitechapel
Gallery…places still available.

Hope the sun
shines for your day out! Why not have a roast dinner or a curry at The White Swan and Cuckoo in Wapping Lane? You’ll be in great company.

Up Your Street for in and around Wapping. Issue 10

Sat  Dec 11th     free 10-7pm ‘Tatty Devine ‘ boutique sale on Brick Lane No.236

Mon Dec   13th   free 11-3pm all week St Katherine’s Dock Christmas Food Market on Pier Front. Food tasting too.

Fri      Dec 17th   free The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Karaoke night.Good inexpensive food and John Smith bitter

free noon. John Scurr Centre. Seniors Christmas buffet. Phone Patricia for a place. All welcome 02077903113

The following entry is courtesy of events@ianvisits.co.uk and I usually only promote free or very cheap events for seniors. Here is something too exciting not to promote.
Sat.  Dec 18th,       £8 2-4pm  Join long-term local resident Brian Grover for a guided tour of London’s oldest enclosed docks. Discover the surviving warehouses, workshops and monuments that still bear witness to the Port of London’s heyday. Learn about the lives of the dockers themselves – their working practices, how they fought for their rights, and the mark they left on the surrounding neighbourhood.
Contact & Booking Details
Website: Click to Visit

Tues  Dec  21st        Free informal coffee morning  11 am ‘A Sense of Place’ project on Hermitage Community Moorings 16A Wapping High St. Check before-hand .02074812122

See You in 2011. Happy Christmas!

Check out http://www.urbantelly.com for a 2 min film about interesting current London events.

Wapping food

Was chatting to Theresa of The White Swan and Cuckoo and we negotiated that volunteers on “A Sense of Place” at Hermitage Community Moorings, 16 Wapping High Street could enjoy a free cuppa with their meal. Good on you, Theresa. Businesses are holding their heads up high in an economic downfall so reaching out to your neighbours is noted. Volunteers are often students and seniors so enjoy that freebie!

Check http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk for comments from the public about eateries and inns in Wapping.

What a winter sun at 8 am this morning. On local roads traffic had to crawl just to be careful of that golden orb. Photographing commuters were out digitally pipping the yellow sun’s glint on bare trees.

The world turns.

Told you it would be all Wapping this week

Sue, Marcella, Audrey, Patricia Luella, and Edna
Seniors at "A Sense Of Place"

and why not?

Hermitage rocks!  Coffee morning was attended by hordes of lovely people. They came from all quarters;  Hackney, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wapping, the local school, Westminster, the City, Millwall, Shadwell and more. We were squashed in harmony, all passionate about the oral history project that is “A Sense Of Place”. We came out of the rain from our different  backgrounds and cultures. We are getting it together both volunteers, interested agencies and participants. What a great day! We were very informal and laughed and listened, learnt and embraced.

Our hosts on the Hermitage Community Moorings welcomed us warmly.

What a nice place to go. The Hermitage Community Moorings is warm, clean, a real mooring and has fabulous views. Go down and see it someday. Someone said that coming out of Wapping Station is like entering Dickens’ world. She’s right.

A group of us made a bee-line (on the cobbled streets) to The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Lane (just in front of station) with its flag flying  ready for Nov 11th and had fish ‘n’ chips with peas and pudding too. Generous portions and cheap!

Wapping Police Museum

Find out all about this event on http://www.whatsinwapping.com Today I arrived in Wapping after a mere 30 minute journey from Leyton. Crazy cos yesterday the roads were chokka. I explored in the freezing cold and damp, ending up in the friendliness of “The White Swan and Cuckoo”, 97 Wapping Lane. What a nice place. Christine was on duty and what a mine of information. Before my dinner arrived I had a cuppa for 50p. 50p? Wapping? And a slice of old fashioned proper bread from the Bakery up the road spread with real butter. Loved it all. On my full belly I was met by Rob at the Maritime Police Museum and boy he was generous with his knowledge and time. Well-recommended. he opened the back door and all I saw were lights on the Thames and loveliness and river police touching base.

Left and took the 100 bus to the Gauguin exhibition. Not all that, especially as I’d seen the BBC Gauguin programmes about 3 weeks ago. Learnt and saw all I needed from tv.

Hermitage Community Moorings coffee morning tomorrow. Excitement……