Up Your Street. Final Issue for 2012. No. 23.

                                           Merry Christmas

Starting in the New Year  there are free walks coming up with “Footsteps“,

all sorts of uplifting courses nice and cheap at the Centre for Better Health in Darnley Road, Hackney

and almost opposite there has opened “Unpackaged” a shop where you can take along your container and buy the amount of pulses, wine and other commodities that you want.

There’s a major art exhibition scheduled for the new year at the Mill E17 and variety shows on Friday evenings with The Stuart Low Trust.

On Fridays there will be free classical recitals at Claremont.

Not forgetting Wednesdays at  Theatre Royal Stratford east (TRSE) For £3 sing along with Stratford East Singers (SES) with Byron Gold conducting.

I’ll be updating you in my regular listings.

Thurs 10th Jan £2.50      at Hackney PictureHouse  a screening of  “A Taste Of Honey” followed by actor Murray Melvin taking Q&A.


Next issue of Up Your Street Sat 19th Jan.  Issue 1. 2013

Summer Issue No.1 of Up Your Street listings

Sunday July 8th free 12-4pm Vestry House Museum E17 garden party.

        All week “Soft” textiles exhibition at The Mill Coppermill Lane E17                            featuring    RAGWORKS
Tues July  10th £2.50 (recent price slash!) 12.40pm onwards.Silver Screen
                                        at Hackney PictureHouse feature films ;
                                 This week “Spiderman” etc. (repeats Thursdays).Tea and biscuits.
                         £2.50  noon onwards, Silver Screen at Stratford PictureHouse E15
                                 Feature films “Spiderman” etc .Tea and biscuits. (repeats Wednesdays).
                         free  1.30-3.30pm  with Capital Age Festival. Tate Modern
                                       workshop for seniors. Enquire/phone Tate Gallery.
Wed July 11th  free 2.30pm Rio Cinema Dalston. Start queuing at 1.30pm ! for
                          “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.
                                             Over 60s free and carers too. Cake and tea.
                         free 9.30-3pm One off sewing class at Priory Court Community Centre E17
Thurs July 12th free 7pm Whitechapel Gallery E1 “East End Abstract” photography
                                                              responses to the environment .
Fri July13th  free 6.30-8pm David Bailey in conversation with Tim Marlow
                          at Theatre Royal Stratford east (TRSE) Book through Eventbrite
                      free Green Candle dance workshops x 2 for seniors at Oxford House
                                           Bethnal Green  and a performance at 4pm.Phone 02077397722
Sat  July 14th free  walks and art installations in Hoxton with the Black Cab Theatre Company
                                                         1, 2.30 and 4pm book with info@peeruk.org (their photos)peerukRadha at Hoxton
                       free   7.30pm Epicentre E11 News From Nowhere talk “Ruskin’s Legacy” .
                                                                               Please bring a dish to share.
Sun July 15th £1     Walthamstow Reservoirs walk with Radical History Group E17
                          Meet Ferry Inn on Ferry Lane at 2pm.
Tues 17th July free 11-noon Rosetta Arts Centre, Hamilton Rd , Stratford (West Ham station)  Informal introduction to a visual arts awareness course with Birkbeck University.
                       free but in a restaurant 8pm City Farm, Hackney.
                                                      Hackney Harmony Summer performance.
Wed July 18th free 7.30pm Community Choir concert at Walthamstow Assembly Hall  E17 (thanks to Norman M. for the info)

Newham’s Shindig

Smashing evening at The Stratford east Picture House  E15 last night. Laura Beswick i/c community and engagement @Newham Council hosted an evening of Olympic and Paralympic based quizzes, talks and refreshments: Yes even  ADAM THE PASTRY GUY’s tiered celebration cake was adorned with flags (UK) and festooned with the Ring colours found on the free Newham pens. it was a chance to lark about and fill in seriously forms with ideas to get the community engaged in London 2012 by suggesting local tea parties etc. Sorry mates, you lost that engagement a long time ago as Maccas and the Cadbury Giants moved in buying up all the tickets then doing a Willy Wonka chocolate bar lottery or by grooming  kids with give- away pedometers. Lion King, Marvel Man etc move over.

It was great to see over the road through the lit windows of Stratford east Theatre Royal the Stratford east Singers swaying away . Their timetable is over the top what with Babel and private concerts. Lovely outfit, every age, every colour. Don’t mind the promo stuff; you’d think it was a black girls’ Sunday school choir. What suits eh?

Laura did well. The buffet was very good. I met Sandra, DLR ambassador who sat on Action Community Team Newham with me ,and she was generous enough to have guided tourists to the RAGWORKS exhibitions. The Germans recognised Rumpel- Stilts- Kin and loved the three blind mice versions. Furry.

Talking about hair. I read Vagenda’s blog about she growing her bodily hair in defiance of the big guns advertising lot telling we women what to mutilate on our bodies. Love the hair and the article is excellent. Bollox to Nair.

“Macbeth” wasn’t on but I saw three witches plain as day. How is Time2Craft getting on ?

day of too much to see and do

Sang with Agewell Singers, What a troupe! One more gig and we’re away on Easter holidays.


 Then down across from North east London to proper east to be part of an invited audience through the educational services at Theatre Royal Stratford east. I was very happy I made it. The cast / crew of “Funk It Up About Nothin'”” gave we the audience a preview of what to expect on opening night. The energy on stage is electric, the acting polished and the action slick. TRSE’s youth asked the players how they met up and got along so well as professionals and more importantly, how do you work together to produce Shakespeare in today’s language using hip hop speke and rap rhythms. Obvious that as true professionals passionate about their stage craft they slogged into the early hours and rehearsed and rehearsed.

There are some wonderful surprises with lighting and movement and a continual bass beat which keeps everything flowing.The crudity about balls and erections is correctly Shakespeare so take no offence. The personalities of the women characters have been explored. (Bear in mind men took girlie parts in 1600s). Characters galore, colour everywhere make for the magic of theatre for all in Stratford east. No dark and grey hoodies in this production. That, my dear, has been done to death except at Hammersmith Lyric Theatre  where the misery of playground life has been food for thought.

Back into the big fat sunshine to get the bus to Hackney. That 276 bus journey is second worst in London: Not a tree to be seen; narrow roads which couldn’t take two laden donkeys and concrete. How is that good for our children?I tell a lie.We saw a bit of Hackney Marshes. That was just after the kids chucked water bottles at the bus windows. I arsk yer.

Reached Geffrye Museum for wonderful refreshments, not just Doritos either but proper lovingly-prepared sarnis and a cuppa, and then the photographic exhibition by Street Level Trust. Public were asked to enter photos on any subject so we did. We voted for our and eachother’s photos as most popular. All the photos were great. Smashing venue, smashing welcome, smashing Fernando, great.

Looked around the sides of St Leonard’s (Shoreditch Church) and dragged my feet and Freedom Pass onto the big red bus.

Another fabulous day up my streets.

Walking Proud in East London

Yes yes yes! There it was loud and proud, a fantastic exhibition from River Cultures showing the diverse appearances and reactions from LGBT members of our communities. Just to get that exhibition up would have been a mammoth task and then to centralise it in the Stratford Cultural Quarter was a great and valuable achievement. If we’re talking tagging, Wapping , Walthamstow and Barking were prominent as preferred places for communities to tolerate, celebrate and recognize differences and similarities. London’s predominantly multi-cultural  make-up is seen as a good place to feel comfortable and that is an historical fact too.  

The exhibition is quietly sitting in the ice-cream foyer at Theatre Royal Stratford east. Cheers TRSE! There’s a great exhibition on too at Hackney Museum with close-up photographs of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual people coming out and narrating their experiences. Just inspirational!

And cheers Open stage 2012 at TRSE. You buy your tickets to “The Graft”. I’ll not say too much. My thanks to the cast for allowing me a preview of what is a fucking good drama. All great elements happening in that play. Bring ear-plugs if your ears have never heard Essex-speke but never you miss out on a smashing take on the criminal world because of good old fashioned swearing. There is colour, movement, ah, the movement, spangly dresses, fabulous lighting, sets to die for  and a magical screen. It is pure class in Stratford epitomised by the gorgeous chandelier.  Only the interval ice-cream was missing. (I’ve told you about the ginger and honey flavour.)

The production is full of violence in action, words, gestures but who hasn’t watched “Reservoir Dogs”? Every character is memorable which is the essence of the play really. I rate this play highly and be careful because it is selling out fast.

“You can’t please all o’ the people all o’ the time”

Waltham Forest Council is putting on a free Christmas party in Chingford but just for older people.. The Eid and Diwali parties were for all generations and of course the invitation went out to all residents.
Older people inhabit the age group from sometimes 50 but definitely 60 years and onwards. In that span there are such differences that it becomes a challenge to pitch any entertainment appropriately. It’s worth a revision and a bit of market research. I, as a senior, would like to reiterate that the 60 year olds in any London borough come from many ethnic backgrounds and that we were the Hippy generation, the rebels, the Mods and the Rockers, the Profumo affair generation, the Pill pioneers and the topless dressed ones. We are the Reggae stompers, the Dylan troubadours, the first time immigrants who wore ties to breakfast, the ones who formed women’s groups and multi-cultural settings. We run local radio shows (Streetlifefm) and volunteer in the community at local theatres (TRSE) and community action groups. So move over Dean and Frank for a while. Connie, get you to the tea dances where the 60 year olds are invisible. We aren’t all the same eggs in the same basket. What the 76 year old allegedly wants is not what we rising elders want at all. Get me?