Was at AgeUK event today

Well-organised in a friendly venue the Age UK event went ahead and was buzzing, This was at The Epicentre in Leytonstone and Age UK Waltham Forest had arranged a morning packed with stalls and volunteers so that older people coming along with their carers and friends could find out how to help themselves. The event centred around “Falls” ( and how to cope with the inevitable accidents).

The event was successful and people went away into the freezing November air clutching their new linen hold-alls full of free slippers, blankets and fleeces. Yes!!!! Even free books full of advice and recipes. By noon the sun was bright. Outside the leaves were blowing back and forth around the fenced-off Cathall Leisure Centre.

There was a hot cup of tea served by men and a lovely welcome.

RAGWORKS “Leyton Reminiscence Quilt” looked proud and impressive as a visitor said. reminisecnce quilt

I would like to thank the people who knitted the colourful squares which were made up into cosy blankets and given away cheerily. Thank you.

Sara was cooking curry at the Ul Noor Trust today so that was the port of call after The Epicentre. Here at the “One Pound Club” women sit and share information, break chapattis and French bread together, share chocolates and enjoy themselves away from the sink or the editing desk or their caring roles. Someone in an hijab whispered to another grandmother that the Borough Christmas Dinner was not for them. I ate my tamarind sweet. We all commented on the fact that the Asian Well Woman’s workshop hired a male doctor. We joked about turning up to armchair exercise in lycra leotards as we polished off cooked swollen peanuts and a box of Milk Tray.

A jolly good day…….so far