Post script to last blog.

And then it happened . I was at “UnLondon” in St Mary’s Old Church, Church Street, Stoke Newington watching archive films of London and Stevenage, checking out a bookstall flavoured by books about the history
of London, Jewish London history and London social history (Thank goodness there wasn’t any ‘hard sell’) and hardly struck speechless by a display of photographed scenes from London pre 1950 which was pretty inaccessible being rammed against a church pillar. All white history, let’s be blunt.

“UnLondon” hosted by The Unfortunates musical band was a sold-out free event advertised in Time Out no less and in the trendy end of Stokey. The atmosphere was actually great and I wasn’t the oldest punter there for a change. The church is tiny and olde worlde like inside except for the modern toilets. I was on a waiting list via Eventbrite to gain admittance but I know these things…the ticketing ritual is a measure only so that organisers know what kind of numbers to cater for. You see in another bulletin it said “drop in”.

Glad I went.

Sat 25th Jan. BU S Y

Sat 25th Jan                           Three free events.

                   2-11pm    St Mary’s Old Church, Stoke Newington Church Street

Art and installations from The Unfortunates called “UnLondon”

Fully booked but the organisers say “drop in”. Eventbrite bookings going onto waiting list.
                 2-3pm “Another Country” private view and Artists’ Talk. Contact Bow Arts.
Nunnery Gallery
181 Bow Rd
E3 2SJ

11-3pm plus meal.


There will also be a PACT meal available, feeding hungry givers and takers and reducing food waste at the same time.

breakfast home made bread

Give or Take day at Redmond Centre, Kayani Avenue. N 4  by Manor House Tube Station. Recycling. Organised by PACT in partnership with Hackney Council