Yesterday I refused to sit in Stratford East Picture House and spend money on the coffee there  as I support the striking Picture House workers as at Hackney Picture House and the Ritzy.

Today I decided to find those others who might have sat in and drank coffee together, those I never met yesterday and so off I went to the Bishopsgate Institute where they might have been to Posh Club for the loveliest cabaret and high tea at lunchtime a fiver could buy.

The wine did the trick and I was forgiven for supporting workers and their rights and we all relaxed. No-one had even gone to the Stratford Picture House. 20160514_121446.jpg

POSH CLUB was amazing: POSH CLUB is amazing. It is first class organization from ticket sales by mobile phone to the clearing of tinsel to make way for the champagne flutes, from the freshly cut sandwiches to the professional stage-acts. The compere/MC, Dickie, is always on the verge of music-hall vulgarity with his jokes and strutting around and reminds us all that we are Hackney and unique seniors from all walks of manual working life. He is a gem.

Everything is smooth and considered behind the scenes. There’s music, there are servers, there are dancing volunteers, cloakrooms, and even a coach laid on to get the Hackney residents into Tower Hamlets. Today we had a dance troupe, a nimble limbo dancer, a gorgeous choir, a dance-hall queen and she was a female cos you never know, and many many  groove mixes from the DJ.

Go see for yourself. On January 5th booking opens for January through to March POSH CLUB sessions at St Paul’s in Stokey, Hackney.

POSH CLUB is part of Duckie’s London based in The Vauxhall Tavern.20161221_135658


I’m in Love With Chinese Elvis @duckielondon

POSH Club’s Chinese Elvis can sing! He smashed it with his Chinese eyes and glorious gold and red dragons swirling on his back. If people weren’t swooning on the dance-floor they were wiggling their ample hips against the posh dining chairs in St Paul’s Church, Upper Hackney (Stokie to you and me).


chinese Elvis

A woman felt faint but managed to  beg the waiters  for her champagne , a slow-dance AND a knees up with the visiting cops. Kathy showed her placard with saucy Chinese writing and won admiration from young Pelvis as Danny chased him around for any selfie opportunity. And the cakes kept a-coming.

T0day the church hall was warm and packed with seniors who’d arrived by Dial-A-Bus, hospital transport and the 149 bus. Jimmy from Scrabster was in his kilt and tam o’shanter and everyone looked as posh as could be.

suasan 2

Simone thrilled us with her lithe body in a leopard leotard and her marvellous ways with hula hoops, Danny treated us to home-grown jokes and The Martini Encounter wowed us with their posh voices and ukulele playing in harmonies galore.

So what was unique about this entertainment today and every Wednesday?  Susan of Clapton said it and told the director that what was appreciated was that the staff mingled and linked arms with the punters for the knees-up, that the men staff offered a dance to the many single women in the room. The police passed by and popped in to see what all the noise was about and took the stage with the vicar. They never left until they too had linked arms with saucy seniors.

Elvis got the crowd singing along at the end so everyone ended on a higher than higher note.