Illiterates and threads

Today was a great day. Up Your Street subscribers were out in force at the Liners exhibition at the V&A. Obscenely sumptuous were the articles of furniture and wall-decorations. There were beautiful wall-tiles for a boat. There were the design proofs and markings of extravagance. We were plebeains looking through a rich man’s key-hole, seeing how the other half cruised. Great was the illusion of being a passenger on a boat with creaky floors, a film of staircase glamour and bathers diving into the ship pool.

The staff at the V&A are very customer-aware. We loved it. We ate our home cooked wraps in the canteen and drank £2.60 cups of tea.

After that journey into luxury here and abroad but not into the warmer seas of Trinidad and Tobago or the cruises of Mauritian delights then some of our company went along to join Ann Davey for her Antique Embroidery Tour at £15 a time. We paid less.

What a tour guide. What a mine of information. I actually took notes so I could further research into Mediaeval up to Victorian times.

These are the lovelies we gawped at amongst others.

Head Cloths




Sheldon Tapestries

Trade routes



Mary Linwood

dates and dates and dates; the illiterate populations needing visuals. the glorification of Christianity, the warming of walls with tapestries, printing designs versus needlework, William Morris. Nuff said.

We shuffled around for 150 minutes with a ten minute break. We had the history at our fingertips about pieces of tapestry, lace, linen and canvas which likely we’d have flitted by otherwise and drawn assumptions.

A 14, a 38 and a 236 bus later and three of us made our way to Hackney Fabrications for the Daylight presentation of its proto-type sewing machine lights. There we had our supper generously given by Barley Massey, a good laugh and a gifted free light which will do well for any close up work; crafting, stamp-collecting and circuit-boarding.

Twas a good Up Your Street day and new subscribers were truly welcomed.


Don’t estate agents look like weather men?

Issue 21. Up Your Street

Sun Thurs 4th June free 11 am Booked Up Your Street Community Group visit to V&A “Luxury”

Fri 5th June free 10.30-12.30 Mudras drawing workshop at Standpoint Gallery,

Hoxton. Book in advance at Eventbrite “Gestures and Mudras”

Sat 6th June free 12.12.40pm Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road. Madrigals and other music celebrating flora as part of Chelsea Fringe. Turn up. Enjoy.

Sun 7th June 11-5pm free.Hornbeam Lodge at Pimp Hall, Chingford E4. Launch and lunch . Rasheeqa makes herbal tea and there’s much more free stuff. There’s no need to book yoga, children’s pre-loved clothes and air.




The Forest Poets have produced a wonderful audio installation called ‘The Secret Lives of Vestry House Museum’ that explores the fascinating history of our building as a workhouse and police station. The poems and prose were recorded in situ by Matt Taylor for the E17 Art Trail. You can listen to the piece online, at the Museum or join us for two ‘live’ poetry trails on Sun 14 June (11.30 and 2.30) when the poets will read their poems, guiding visitors around building.

Horst visited.

Another great and successful Up Your Street group visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum for Horst’s photography even though the group were somewhat depleted due to funerals, the flu, the unwillingness in the end to walk the length of the South Ken Museums tunnel and Up Your Street community  group members being stranded at Leyton Station following what may have been a suicide under a train.

People shared the wonderment of photographs of ye olde actresses and actors and remarked on  the beauty of the photography. Which was what it was all about.

Thanks V&A.