Issue 20. Up Your Street. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

                                         Issue 20.  Up Your Street

Mon 3rd Dec   free 7-9pm Leyton Community Association meeting (LCA) Saint Mary’s Church Hall, Lindley Road, Leyton E10 6QT (near the junction with High Road Leyton)

 Tues 4th Dec            free  to invitees (phone Hackney Museum for a place) 10-4.30pm  A day conference with Mapping The Change to shape in our community the Legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Hackney PictureHouse and Museum.

Wed 5th Dec    free  6.30pm The Mill E17, Drop in to knit. Any level welcome.

                              free  5-7.30pm Choice in Hackney event…

Alex Rook, well known human rights lawyer, and Ellen Clifford of Disabled People Against Cuts will discuss accessing Community Care Support and disability benefits during times of austerity.  Refreshments   City and Hackney Carers Centre Conference Room. 5 TYSSEN STREET, Hackney, E8  Disabled access. Email:

Sat 8th Dec       free  11am Craft Fayre at Sutton House Homerton Rd Hackney.

                                 £5 donation 7pm Chats Palace Brooksby’s Walk, Homerton Rd Hackney. Unfinished Histories Christmas Quiz Night

“Unfinished Histories is a project recording British Alternative Theatre, 1968 -88, through interviews and the collecting of archive material. Companies involved were among some of the first Black, Asian, lesbian, gay, women’s, disabled, political, experimental, TIE and community-based theatre groups seen in Britain. Work ranged from experiments in physical and visual theatre or performance art, to vernacular drama, agit-prop and satire, championing a generation of artists whose work has influenced and shaped present day theatre.”

Sun 9th Dec     free   11 am Craft Fayre at Sutton House Homerton Rd Hackney

Mon 10th Dec  free   12.30-2pm .Christmas social for seniors with Malcolm’s Dance Classes at 28 Powell Rd E5

Tues 11th Dec   free 2-4pm Christmas Party  at St Andrew’s Church, Colworth Rd E11

Wed 12th Dec   free but book in advance.2-5pm Brady Arts Centre E1 Christmas tea dance for seniors.

Thur 13th Dec £2  7.15pm  West Green Learning Centre, Tottenham.  Coen Brothers  film “Burn After Reading” hosted by Haringey Independent Cinema. Another shorter film too. In the break to celebrate the season there will be mulled wine and samosas. Event all done by 9.50pm.

£2.50 1pm Hackney PictureHouse Reminiscence Screenings Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush” Best seats in London! The Tower Hamlets U3A keeps the price down for us from the usual £4 a time. Cheers U3A!


Vintage TV has started its “Simply Having A Wonderful Vintage Time” Christmas programmes. Interesting archive films and excellent editing.


Until  31 Dec. free  Photographic exhibition ” Art In The Community,”  The Salvation Army , 122-124 Lower Clapton Road E5

                         free.                   Hackney Museum (not Mondays) “Independence”. Excellent exhibition showcasing Jamaica and its tie-in to Hackney.


Next Up Your Street listing will be for the festive season and the last of the year so if you have any events to share please email them to me at


Recommend Old Ford Lock, River Lea  as  a lovely place.

Recommend Sky Arts 1 “Rewind Festival”. 90 minutes of first class performances dating from the 1980s including Nik Kershaw, Toyah and Billy Ocean; white dreads an’all. VintageTV was filming there too so besides the inevitable and anticipated re-runs on Sky Arts1, we’ll get other versions on the increasingly popular Vintage TV channel. Ooh! Love a bit of class.

Red Red Wine. Talking about Reggae…. there’s a local* band called The Skints. Search engine them because they are worth a listen. I hear them rehearsing in a shed nearby on the rare times they’re home from touring in Europe.

“Catch-A-Vibe” promotes offers for good things. Currently they have an African meal deal offer for Open The Gate in Stoke Newington. Search your favourite engine.

*When I say ‘local’ I mean within the 6 London boroughs. I shall have to find out why no-one seems to recognise that Dagenham and Barking is the 6th London 2012 borough.  Would need to find someone who cares.

ImagineUREvery1 Hackney Wick

Mapping Your Manor, Lucy Harrison’s project making podcasts for the Olympic and Paralympic Games site perimeter was at The Yard Theatre in Queen’s Yard, Hackney Wick yesterday evening to record performed tweets and to interview actors, most of whom are volunteers who responded to writer Stewart Melton’s call to join in. The performance is enjoying very good attention and reviews.  The London Riots only prevented the opening night and that was a safety measure as everything else in the area was shut down.

Mapping Your Manor will be promoting its work at the Stratford Summer Festival on August 2oth. Here you have the chance to share and record memories of Stratford and if you’re new in the area you’ll have an interactive chance to shape its future too.

Last night I watched on Sky Vintage TV  “Donovan in Conversation” with Mike Read. This is a well-put together and edited (editor, Zeb Achonu) refreshing  story of Donovan as told by him as he is now and with some good archive material. Donovan certainly creates great images of exactly how it was in the old hippy days. He was greatly influenced by Scottish ballad poets and folk songs in the parlour, which was a nice touch as we remember pre-non-stop radio called ‘wireless’ and way before multi-channel telly.

Finished reading “Bombsites and Lollipops” which I downloaded from Amazon Kindle books to my PC for 99p! Not that interested in another memory of post war London but persevered with respect to Jacky Hyams whom I’ll meet on August 18th at Sutton House, Homerton, Hackney “Book Brunchers”.

Coincidentally Hyams the name  turned up in the programme on BBC1  “Who Do You Think You Are? featuring June off East Enders. That format  has had its day. It was interesting but edited to the degree that we see the same ole pictures all through out. Fillers.

Wasn’t High Street Seniors right to feel it is time to reclaim the streets from youth? Increasingly seniors are not visible on our streets after dusk. It’ll take a massive group effort to get High Street Seniors running post Riots. People do not believe the Riots are over.

 High Street Seniors are walking groups for seniors. The seniors walk together, some with sticks, in a group at dusk . They end up at a cafe or a pub for a cuppa. More often than not the tea is given freely with a lovely welcome. When they walked in Wapping they attended the launch of Madge Darby’s new book about the history of  Wapping and a fine evening they had. They now await an invitation from the Hermitage Community Moorings (many of the High Street Seniors belong to the volunteer group) to enjoy a river trip on the ‘Cabby’.

Floating Cinema

Yes was great. I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t even know how to find Dace Road in Hackney Wick but I did cos I ain’t dumb and fell in love with Old Ford Lock (difficult to feel glad about my adventure as beautiful Amy Winehouse, now deceased, is singing in the background).

The Floating Cinema has a busy programme of free events and I’ll post them up on my uploads for UpYour Street5. It’s a refurbished narrow-boat, clean as a pin and comfy taking a few people at a time.

Today we travelled smoothly up and down the waterway (a canal, hardly teeming with wild-fowl but full of green duck-grass) in the Olympic and Paralympic Games site followed by security all the way. Our 2 hour free trip began and finished at Old Ford Lock

 It was a privilege to get that free ride and all photos taken are unique because the scenery is ever-changing, said the fox who stared at us from the bank. I found nothing really interesting; I might have been in awe if I’d never seen the growing of the Games site from Day 1.

Our hosts were excellent.

What was the icing on the cake was the 10 minute film by Michael Smith , BBC programme man and  resident of Globe Road, Bow all about the changing urbanscape around the Games site and how it is nothing unusual as London is permanently changing. Permanently changing, eh? (my words). Michael’s poetic documentary is ace: He talks once of flowers springing up in ignored pockets of concrete despair and the particular shot shows a gorgeous local woman finding her direction. There was something about London being a ‘roll-call of build upon build’.  Too true. Michael answered our questions then we had a tug-boat cake!  Mmm, chocolate sponge all iced in the shape of a boat.

Very good film, “Drift Street”.

Last week I watched  the recent film “Under The Cranes” with the poet Michael Rosen too. And on BBC 2 last night they showed “The Golden Age of Canals”

Now for some Vintage TV. with Rock ‘n’Roll.

Up Your Street5 issue 27 and some Sky TV programmes.

Tues  July 19th.  free    2-4pm Bruce Castle Museum
                                “Reminiscence Café” led talk and participation
                            free  5.45pm but book with Hackney Society .
                               at the Hackney Museum. Film “Under The Cranes”
                                                              Michael Rosen attending too .
                        free  7.30pm Hackney Harmony  Summer Concert
                                    at Hackney City Farm (donations to Oxfam)
Wed  July 20th free  1.10-2pm Organ recital St John’s Church
                                                                        Stratford E15
                          free 7.45pm St John’s Church E11 Tony Regan
                                     dj and musician talks about HMV records.
Thurs July 21st £2     7pm for 7.15 Haringey Independent Cinema
                                     West Green Learning Centre, Tottenham
                                        Ken Loach’s“ Land and Freedom“
Sat      July 23rd free  1pm and all day at Stratford Circus
                         “Eastside Matsuri (Japanese Festival) sushi, flower,
                           and drumming workshops, and more.
Sun    July 24th free   (£5 donation) 11-6pm  gargoyle making (stone craft) at
                 Dalston Eastern Curve Garden but book via

                  Wear sturdy shoes.

Iceland is doing a good deal on Anchor Butter presently.
    No Ballroom dancing with Malcolm until July 25th.
       Songololo-feet textiles/recycling on Summer break.
Precious Lives jewellery and bead-making classes ended but I will give details soon of classes at The Centre For Better Health, Darnley Rd Hackney.

Programmes worth a look on Sky TV this coming week July 14th onwards 


Thomas Dolby on Vintage TV

“The Fugitive Kind” with Marlon Brando 1960  Tennessee Williams drama TCM

“Moby Dick”   2010 on Movies 24

Etta James  on Sky Arts2

Louisville Chorus on EWTN

The Triangle Factory True Movies 1

Imaginary Man  Ray Davies BBC 4

“Heaven and Hell”  True Movies 2

Gore Vidal’s Billy The Kid True Movies 2

Up Your Street5   an information-sharing service for seniors listing free events and activities in the 5 London 2012 boroughs.


What’s on Sky?

BBC4                   Santana story and in concert doing its rounds

Vintage TV        Sat  6pm Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Sky Arts2           Sun 10pm “Ali: Fear Eats The Soul”   The Mike Figgis season

Africa Channel.  Sun 10pm Youssou N’Dour

SkyArts2          Sun 11.35pm   Martha Wainwright sings Piaf.

Community Channel Mon 12.00am Black Diamonds

TCM2                         Mon 1.45 am    “All The Presidents Men” (Watergate)

Africa Channel         Mon 2.00 am.   Motherland-Dee Dee Bridgewater

Vintage TV               Mon  9pm      “10 cc– TheTour ”      the band rehearses. 

More 4                      Tuesday 10pm “True Stories: The Pipe” about Irish farmers’

                                                           resistance to the laying  of a Shell Oil pipe.

TCM                      Tues 12.55pm  “Kiss Me  Kate” 1953 musical

 Sky Arts2             Wed        10 am Lang Lang in Vienna

Sky Arts2              Thurs  9.30am “La Traviata” Fleming stars

TCM                       Fri 9.25am  “East Of Eden” (1955)

Sky Arts2               19th June  “The Marriage of….”

Ballroom dancing for over 60s &

 The Round Chapel  24th Jan 2011 .                                           The beams in the Round  Chapel.

A crowd from……. Up Your Street…….. subscribers went along to the Round Chapel in Lower Clapton in Hackney this afternoon for free ballroom dancing and lessons given by Malcolm, courtesy of Missy. It was great fun, well-paced, worked all those muscles and Malcolm taught us just how to do it properly. Today the Waltz and the Cha Cha got our attention.

The Round Chapel is an interesting and lively venue. Today a music video was being filmed in the main round hall. Alongthe street is Pages bookshop which has exhibitions, readings, and on Feb 9th, knitting. Yep!   At the Lower Clapton turn by the crumbling Lord Cecil’s closed pub is Sutton House, well worth a peek and the hot chocolate is to die for. Chat’s Palace down past Sutton House and to the left into Brooksby’s Walk  is refurbished and holding an exhibition as we speak all about the Chatsworth market and area as it was. It’s getting the London 2012 treatment now so all change.

 Coming back to the Round Chapel follow the curve into Narrow Way and there’s old St John’s at Hackney, St Augustine’s Tower, Primark and McDonalds. All to be loved. Oh, and a Clark’s shoe shop. All these places are on top of each other and just gotta be experienced. There are often free tours which I promote as the year goes on.

Missy has a choir too, Hoxton Singers, on Friday afternoons at the Salvation Army building in Mare Street. There’s also line dancing. Queue nicely.

One lady dancer was advising another lady “Just practise the steps in your kitchen”. Spot the wrong thing there? Grrr.

This is how Vintage tv works and why it rocks. A song will have a word in its title like “market” or “sugar” so the song is played and all vintage footage to do with that word is shown. Shimples. “Desmond has a barrow in the market place” gave the opportunity for archive footage of what looks like Petticoat Lane at the turn of the 20th century. Fascinating and of course all the fashion now what with “My Story”being the way in to pensioners’ oral histories. “A Change is Gonna Come” brings out all the footage re civil rights. “Eddication and facts!” says Gradgrind.