Trailing Time

Eeh Forest Gate, Now Forest Great. Met some long-time local residents of the changing Forest Gate of Newham who are not as happy about their hometown as are the three year old newbies who’ve researched the heritage behind their half a million houses and found mult-culturalism. Same as the E17 lot. 

So the arts trail in Forest Gate is on with art all around Princess Alice Corner and specifically ar happenings at The Gate (library). Bit like E17.
There was a walk. David Boote in Waltham Forest does the best free walkabouts in Leyton, Snaresbrook, under the sun,  during an equinox, by old railways and into the forest. Forest Gate had photographer Andrew and what a host; what a leader.Neither an historian nor an experienced guide is he but a magnificent story-maker and mindful of the heat and walking paces. He was great and I look forward to more free walks with him telling the history of pop in Forest Gate and Tragic Tales.

it was scorchio but we marched on past shoppers getting in their toilet rolls and Kingsmill.What a fabulous history has the bit around Forest Gate Station: coal bunkers for the railway back in the day and cinemas converted to supermarkets.‚Äč