Take Me to The River


Photos from Lyle Park E16 30th October 2014. We loved this hidden gem. Not a child or parent in sight with a swing park on the doorstep and it being Half term.

We’ll return with a picnic and better cameras toview the barges and cranes and London on the river…still.

dox 26 dox 25 dox 20    dox 18 dox 28 dox 29harland gates


Photos on the way to Harland and Wolff’s site. 30th October 2014.

Some people were too scared to walk on the old lock walkway and the smell could knock you out.

dox 16 dox 15dox 13


Approaching King George Vth Dock on Fishguard Way  with its  red brick bridge.

30th Oct 2014

Some people couldn’t stand on it because of the vibrations from the heavy container lorries.


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From The Woolwich Ferry 30th Oct 2014 . We thought we’d ended up in Canning Town but actually we’d gone from North Woolwich to South Woolwich. And one of us was petrified to get on the ferry. We pretended we were on the ferry to Calais. 5 minutes later and we were lost on land. Ha ha ha!



 dox 6

In Woolwich Hare Street. Around the corner was a buzzing place, great cheap shops, and tired legs. We will return to pay homage to the memorial to service personnel at the Barracks (aka Rigby’s memorial).

dox 5 dox 4

Senior soldiers

Today was the day Up Your Streeters formed the Cultural Archives training group  on a day trip to West Silvertown to fall in love with the Tate&Lyle syrup tin hoarding. That is the oldest brand advertising. On a beautiful sunny end of October day we straggled around the Lyle park to see the original Harland and Woolf factory gates. Amazing. Then we looked over the Thames and saw the barges going by and the working cranes as in new development building works’ cranes. By DLR we travelled to King George Vth station and had a good trek around the quiet back-of-beyond to work out where the Harland and Woolf sheds were. Walk, walk walk then finally split from the leader to explore the North Woolwich to Canning Town Woolwich Ferry. We ended up in South Woolwich or somewhere not inspiring.

All was wonderful. All was new.

Next time we’ll pay our respects to Soldier Rigby’s memorial by the Woolwich Arsenal and Barracks which is actually a memorial to all fallen service personnel from the Woolwich Barracks. Ah, Greenwich Council. Lee, our flowers will be for you, son.

In the afternoon we made it to Fabrications in posh Broadway Market to a free Brother sewing machine demonstration. Wow! Someone buy me that toy. Our hostess Barley is the most generous of business women. We were greeted with tea and biscuits and a seat at a machine. The place at No.7 Broadway Market is lovely. It’s bright and spacious. There are craft afternoons there every other Thursday. Sounds good. Next one for a fiver is on November 6th evening time. We’re at Patrick Vernon’s talk at Hackney Museum then.