My morning up West

A couple of years ago, some Up Your Street art artists and mature art appreciation students went to Rosetta in West Ham to meet via Skype, Angela Lyn , who was doing an art piece about place and building. We joined in. Most didn’t understand any of the psycho-art speke and only two did their homework. Only I went along up to Liverpool Street to see the culmination of our work and how it related to nothing we’d done.

Recently only four subscribers to Up Your Street signed up to go to Angela Lyn’s exhibition in Maddox Street. That is not an enthusiastic response and so I cancelled it. A group visit should include at least six people.  I went by myself today. The 55 bus stops at its last stop in Oxford Circus a small walk away from the front door. I visited Floating Gardens. Typically I could not be bothered with more artspeke. I was interested in my feelings and the oil-painting technique as well as the size of the canvases. A couple of pieces drew me in. I quite liked “Dragonfly” and warmed to the tea table. That’s all. I believe I’d seen works before; the cedar tree pines and furry fronds.

It was  a free exhibition on a sunny day.

Angela Lyn will be in attendance on May 10th.

I pushed myself upwards and onwards to Shaftesbury Avenue and couldn’t see Angels anywhere. So I went to Shaftesbury Theatre just to sniff its box-office area.Years and years ago I’d worked as a ticketing clerk and thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything was the same; dark, golden and olde worlde muted grandeur. The lovely staff welcomed me which was great. I’d satisfied my memory bank, my mind-palace.

Angels, a short hop away,  was empty of people and full of wigs, Yardie style. I was not impressed at all. I secured more places for Up Your Street subscribers to have a look about when we do up West as our day out in May. Like it mattered. There are three floors to explore and even more floors which will be available to us but not the other public.

The 55 bus brought me home again.