Up Your Street. Final Issue for 2012. No. 23.

                                           Merry Christmas

Starting in the New Year  there are free walks coming up with “Footsteps“,

all sorts of uplifting courses nice and cheap at the Centre for Better Health in Darnley Road, Hackney

and almost opposite there has opened “Unpackaged” a shop where you can take along your container and buy the amount of pulses, wine and other commodities that you want.

There’s a major art exhibition scheduled for the new year at the Mill E17 and variety shows on Friday evenings with The Stuart Low Trust.

On Fridays there will be free classical recitals at Claremont.

Not forgetting Wednesdays at  Theatre Royal Stratford east (TRSE) For £3 sing along with Stratford East Singers (SES) with Byron Gold conducting.

I’ll be updating you in my regular listings.

Thurs 10th Jan £2.50      at Hackney PictureHouse  a screening of  “A Taste Of Honey” followed by actor Murray Melvin taking Q&A.


Next issue of Up Your Street Sat 19th Jan.  Issue 1. 2013

Rio Cinema, Dalston Hackney. Well done!

In 2008, we began a campaign to persuade Transport for London (TfL) to add the
Rio’s name to two adjacent bus stops. After four years the promised renaming had
not taken place but in July this year we finally received an apology and an
assurance from TfL that this would be done “once the Olympics were over”.
The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that the bus stops have now been
changed and the Rio is officially a landmark on TfL’s bus routes.
The on-board bus announcements and electronic signs may take a little while
longer to update but we would like to thank TfL for fulfilling their promise
and, more importantly, to congratulate Rio Board member Laurian Davies on her
dogged determination to see this through.
Our sincere thanks once again to everyone who signed the original petition and
expressed their support in other ways

Argall Industrial Estate

It’s ten days now since I’ve waited and rung the environmental lot in Waltham Forest four times for a single now single soaking wet mattress to be removed from my front yard. The last I was told by the office supervisor was that she would send an email, send an email! ( Garlic bread?) to escalate the job. That meant there was a note allegedly and not in pencil saying that the job should be done within 24 hours. Oh do me a favour! Should? The word “would” is juggling for position.

That’s why Waltham Forest is a mattress borough. It isn’t a mattress borough  entirely because there’s a transient society here: There’s actually an huge stagnant society doing the right thing.

On the corner of my road is a built corner protector, a piece of ‘street furniture’ (I know!) which is used daily as a prop for people’s bags of rubbish, broken umbrellas, old cots and mattresses, strewn and ripped clothes previously left out for AgeUK collectors and whoever trades in rags. One day the council truck came a-collecting and I asked why fly-tippers were being excused and money spent sending out trucks and men to gather and dispose of people’s domestic rubbish. Answer “Oh, it’s the foreigners, see. They don’t know about how to dispose of rubbish.”  Well, not on my and their back yards then! By that logic only white British-born, you know the new ethnic minority, know how to get rid of rubbish.

Behind what was the Burwell Residential Estate off Lea Bridge Road on the border of Waltham Forest and Hackney is the disgusting mess that is Argall Industrial Village. Its name changes like the weather but I like “industrial village” because it is so not that.

                 There are Argall Estate patrol cars checking out that all is well on the land, so I was told. The single decker bus W19 actually travels into it but ignores its own timetable so that’s not much use to residents. The place is nasty. Litter swirls around in any whiff of wind. Abandoned stinking mattresses provide hiding places for feral cats and the Black Path is known as Rats’ Alley by locals who know too well the stench of yeast and bread from Kingsmill. Hoo Hing Supermarket is a neon-lit beacon for those who lose their way or who fear being accosted by underage vagabonds. Only the mini-industry workers aka Eastern Europeans and nervous dog-walkers walk the walk.
          In 1986 Argall Industrial Village was dire and on the brink of going under. It went under and post Olympics it is doubly dire. Like Hackney Wick it provides recyclable buildings for weekend churches where the white-robed congregations are not fussed about what they step in. Unlike in Hackney Wick, where established artists mix oils with Forman fish whiffs, other creative types safe in E17’s Tokarska  Gallery and The Mill would only evaporate    remotely in Argall.         
          I’ve yet to see what’s good about it. I try.
“Where there’s muck, there’s brass”, I mutter.
             My lovely neighbour over the back fence who is long dead told me how in the thirties on a Thursday morning you could hear each door shut on the Burwell Estate as each housewife in her scarf and carrying her shopping basket or wheeling her wicker trolley made her way across the factories ( now the Argall Industrial  Estate) and through the rat-ridden pathway (now The Black Path) up into St James’ Park and onto Coppermill Lane for the market day. Love that story.  Her brother’s still at the back of me. He served in the army up in the Orkneys during WW2. Great geezer.

L B Waltham Forest Comedy of Errors. Shoulda Coulda Woulda

We are really sorry to hear that you tried to get in contact with us and nobody responded to you – I apologise for this. Having looked into this further, it appears that you emailed a member of the events team when they were on leave. You should have received an automatic response with an alternative contact so I apologise if this did not happen. Either way, you should then have been contacted upon my colleague’s return from leave, to answer any queries you had and add you to the waiting list for a  ticket in case any became available. Unfortunately we did not receive many cancellations and so it is unlikely that you would have been successful in gaining a ticket, but we should have let you know this and I am sorry that we did not. This appears to have been an oversight due to the large number of enquiries we received.

ha ha ha! A response to my enquiry to an officer at WF Town Hall. Ha ha ha!

31st January 2013 HIC screening Sobibor

Thurs 31st JAN 2013   £3. West Green Learning Centre (230 and 41 buses ) Film screening.

The next Haringey Independent Cinema film will be on Thursday 31 January and, as ever, doors will open at 7pm and we will start the evening at 7.15pm. Claude Lanzmann’s 2001 documentary about the remarkable uprising at Sobibor, one of the Nazis’ most ‘efficient’ extermination camps, is an amazing – and little told – example of organized revolt against the odds. Focusing on the testimony of one man, Yehuda Lerner, speaking about his experiences some forty years after the facts, Lanzmann reconstitutes the jaw-dropping events of 14 October 1943, when six hundred Jewish inmates of Sobibor attempted to elude the gas chamber which awaited them, by killing their guards and making a break for it over the barbed wire and into the surrounding forest.

Stratford east PictureHouse E15: A winning community venue.

Thinking about where Up Your Street ventured in 2012 and taking into consideration the experiences of seniors who were looking for a good welcome and an ordered environment in a community space then the Stratford PictureHouse E15 came out tops. From the security guy to the ushers, the complimentary cup of tea-makers to the  receptionist who bothers to look up, these were markers which enabled seniors to  feel visible and wanted as clients. Good on yer PictureHouse E15!

Contenders, in no particular order, were

Priory Court Community Centre E17               Hermitage Community Moorings Wapping E1

The Centre For Better Health Hackney          Rich Mix in Bethnal Green

Stratford east PictureHouse                      West Green Learning Centre N15

Hackney PictureHouse                             William Morris Gallery

Hackney Museum                                                   Stratford Circus E15

The Hornbeam Café E17                                        The Mill E17

Theatre Royal Stratford east                       Brady Arts Centre in Bethnal Green

The Claremont Project

Issue 22. Up Your Street


Sun 16th Dec free 2-4pm. Carols and choirs. Hosted by Friends of Lloyd Park. Behind William Morris Gallery, Forest Rd E17.

Mon 17th Dec free 3.30-7pm Three Mills Craft Association event at The Hub, 123 Star Lane, Canning Town.  Mince pies, good company and bring a camera to take a photo with an Olympic/ Paralympic Torch

Tues 18th Dec  free between 11 and 4pm.Come on down and help Sainsbury’s staff at Liverpool Street Islington pack customers’ bags in Sainsbury’s. The Stuart Low Trust is Sainsbury’s nominated charity. Phone slt beforehand to let them know you’re helping.

You can contact slt at: Office 7, Claremont, 24-27 White Lion Street, Islington, N1 9PD

Telephone: 020 7713 9304 Fax: 020 7833 3484


info@slt.org.uk Website: http://www.slt.org.uk

 Wed 19th Dec free  11-1pm and 6-8pm Adult Learners Open Day  Gainsborough Learning Centre.  Taster sessions in photography, paintng, textiles and fashion, cup cake decorating and more.

Sat 22nd Dec free noon-3pm Friends of Lloyd Park Festive Singalong. Meet at the Island in Lloyd Park for mulled wine.

Mon 24th Dec  free  11-noon Christmas Eve coffee morning for Claremont members in the New Hall, Claremont, White Lion Street by Angel, Islington.  Christmas crackers, pass the parcel, tea and mince pies!

                                          Advance Notice

Tues    15th Jan  free  11-1pm DeafBlindUK meeting of  at the Local Space Ltd, 58 Romford Road, London, E15 4BZ (11.00am – 1.00pm).   We undertake activities, socialising, speakers and day trips.  For more detail contact Tania DeeTania.Dee@deafblind.org.uk

Sun  20th Jan. free  (for each Sunday for a month) 10-11am  Lloyd Park at the Community Bowling Green. Tai Chi for seniors 50+