We’ll Never Know

We are not aware as a general public about records about women’s ailments say sixty years ago.

Adverts are now showing us women managing bladder incontinence and itchy vulvae and then, in the news, there’s the appalling mesh injuries where the vaginal mesh is meant to uplift a collapsing womb. .

Is the lichen in the water? Was the collapse and prolapse caused by lack of pelvic thrusts at the aquarobics class? Did our grans suffer? Those women sitting in front of the coal fires; did they have irritating itching and were they nursing prolapsed uteri?  It just seems that itchy bums and travelling wombs are common-place.

The Pamper Shop

Be a new you. Great hair cut in a short time for £8 only always with Magda at corner of Sanderstead and Lea Bridge Road. Go on then,  I’ll say it: by the new Lea Bridge Station. Same hairdo costs a fiver at Vidal’s but you sit for five hours. Waltham Forest College is great too if you like a sit-down.
I will post about Jessica’s fiver Yoga soon after a cuppa. Pamper the


The Pamper Shop

Stuart Low Trust offers free mindfulness sessions. Check their website then join their membership list for free. You do not have to live in Islington to take advantage of what’s on offer freely and generously. Up Your Street subscribers have been in the Trust’s company for 12 years. Good going.
Plus you will never go hungry as Virginia and Robert bring healthy picnics to day outings. Thank you SLT


The Pamper Shop

Well, great FREE stuff happening at Hale End Library,  E4 over the railway tracks,  past the second hand shop, on a hill come and practise art without judgement but by talking over tea, saying how you feel, being inspired by music and poetry, movement and life. One Saturday a month with a therapeutic artist. Book through Waltham Forest Culture.  Twelve sessions in all but come to as few as you want.
We are on the road to art and nature, art and mindfullness.


women in art

Today I had my art on canvases filmed and I answered questions about my exhibition too.

It was a great experience for me and for the film-makers.

My exhibition about women in the changing rooms is called
At The Swim.
It’s at Hackney Central Library and most library WiFi users walk straight past it or actually through it as the work stands in class cabinets presumably because anything hanging disappears.

One visitor texted me today saying that my exhibition does not exist. He could have asked the staff but that’s an energetic task . I have stood many a minute at a library assistant’s counter and proved invisible. I helped my friend “Go towards the glass!” a bit like “Go towards the light”.

As is always after an interview I realized I was a babbling non-coherent inconsistent twat but my words are still cooking so I can share what I said about art in the community and where women stand. Move over Mrs Barton .

I paint older women because I love all their shapes. Simple as.
I am always learning and know full well that major galleries hardly air women’s paintings and work showing women.

Oh see you Saatchi.

But I would say that when it comes to art exhibitions at local community hubs then there is displayed art work in abundance by women and work about women by both men and women.

My paintings about older women are an homage to that age group oft described as “invisible” by both young and old and show that there can be seen bodies not lithe, young and blond but squashy and lumpy with bits missing and they come in all colours.

So what’s new? Not the above.

The next step though is crucial in that all people recognise ageing as what it is and that all women can be respected as they carry what they grow into.

“I never ordered this body” is a reasonable statement from a woman out of the pool , looking at her thunder thighs and seeing a pile of well woman magazines with Euro blond yogurt fed bodies on every page.

” I can shake what my mother gave me but people would run and I’m not too happy about what moves out of time either.”

Men and women are conditioned by mostly everything around them to conform to a norm. People become millionaires feeding off that and degrading others. If we want to reach a state where all bodies are worthy then everything starts at grass roots in the community and that includes seeing me from the neighbourhood embracing my peers and inviting them to share my stance on feminism, my standing up, my loving communal women -peopled spaces, my messaging strength in unity through acrylic on canvas, my group preferences, image

my addiction .

Phew ! A cup of tea would have gone down well.

“At the swim” is how my once Orcadian neighbours described going to the local swimming pool. It’s a language thing.

The Pamper Shop and Shiatsu

excel 2015Calm Clinic

An open clinic for 30 minute FREE  Shiatsu treatments. Clinic starts on 15th April 2015 and runs for 12 weeks from 11.30 – 2.30pm. Also 30 minute Cranio-Sacral tasters on 6th May, 20th May and 3rd June 2015. You need to book online at the Centre for Better Health in Hackney via Eventbrite. Loads of spaces available.

The Pamper Shop

IMAG00648At the Stuart Low Trust in Islington

January 2015 – Book for January workshops from MONDAY 5 JANUARY

Saturday 17th January 2015 (Mixed, men and women)

Pamper and Refresh: Today’s session will start with some Tai Chi with Will Waghorn to gently rejuvenate your body and mind. Suitable for beginners. After some tea Maurizio Lodato will lead a guided meditation and relaxation session to calm and energise you. Throughout the afternoon you can also have your hair trimmed by local professional hairdresser Paul Hone and friends. Will Waghorn runs Tai Chi courses in Brighton and London. Maurizio Lodato is a qualified and experienced masseur and relaxation therapist. 

Saturday 24th January 2015 (Women only)

Chi Kung: Chi kung (or Qigong) is a practice of aligning body, breath and mind for health and meditation. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy and martial arts, Chi kung is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance chi (qi) or “life energy”. Belinda Ackermann will lead this session.