Issue 44 of Up Your Street

Sat 26th Oct     £3 2.00 pm at Rio Cinema Dalston. BLACK HISTORY MONTH MATINEE
STONE STREET (PG) Introductory speaker. (UK/Trinidad and Tobago 2012) dir. Elspeth Kydd 72m. Digital.
free 1-5pm Pumpkin Carving at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. ( Opp. Dalston Station at the Junction), Repeats Sunday 27th Oct.

Sun 27th Oct free1-4pm Rokeby Centre E15 Big International Lunch, Bring food to share! 

Mon 28th Oct.  free. 12-4pm African Market, drumming and performance at Timber Lodge The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Sat 2nd Nov free 2pm The Mill Coppermill Lane E17

“Launch of ‘joined up writing’ * an anthology of poems by local children and adults-  with readings – till 3.30 /4pm. Come and listen to the poets and collect your FREE copy between 2pm and 6pm. Thereafter  – to buy at £5 each –  so don’t miss your chance !
(* made possible by the generous sponsorship of Apex Arts)”.


Poetry at The Centre For Better Health Hackney

Haiku, sunshine, Barfly, Baden Prince Junior, Katrina, rude words, talks of arty farty types, cup of sweet tea, great host, smashing company, a nip into Sainsbury’s; what no meat paste?, a ride on the 48 bus, negotiating pedestrianized Bakers Arms and all that for free.

The poetry session takes place every fortnight. We read, we laugh, we dissect, we learn and we meet next on 20th November at 6pm.up_your_street_2[1] (2)

All welcome.

Distressed In The Village

Someone said to me “Yeah, but what is The Village, Walthamstow? Just a load of decrepit houses” .

.Grosvenor rd east E17

G road east e17

There is that. Mind you, they sell for half a milyion…nearly. Going towards The Village from Lea Bridge Road in the rain. you get the stench of damp century old walls, wooden scaffolding, and builders’ fag smoke as renovations and guttings- out proceed.

The Village has the best Spar in London. Believe it not! The staff are miserable, the reduced goods are mouldy and the place only survives because it sells expensive baked on the premises bread, up-market pizzas and Tesco is far away. There’s a Costcutters down the road towards the unfashionable part of Leyton.

So besides your posh buns, you should carry also an accessory, namely a baby or a toddler and preferably both

. 200

This is a different world from mattress- strewn fronts around Bakers Arms. The Village has a waft of money about it and of course is a prime target for street robbers. Grove Road by night is dangerous wit youf on unlit bikes zig-zagging across from pavement to pavement.

You would like to think that the roads around Beulah Road there are full of neighbourliness and soirées. No. By 6pm it’s dark and Victorian such that you cannot feel safe walking home from the station for example at 11pm. It’s a shame. It’s safer to walk in the brighter lights of Bakers Arms with all the hen and chip outlets and a good smattering of every nationality.

So there are many houses which are awfully distressed but magnetic in their charm because they remind those who were  in London in the fifties of a different cherished order. Then the people moving in just love the quaintness.G road east e17 2 There are trees and gorgeous front pathway tiles with good ole Hydrangea clumps and ancient Plane trees.

Super village E17                Oct in the Village E17

The best time to sniff around is on a Saturday afternoon when the newly formed shops are open, when you can get a good look at the inhabitants who actually have age-old manners and  spatial awareness so that they move to let others with buggies pass. Not a lot of people do that!IMAG00288

It was quiet yesterday in the Salvation Army Shop in Forest Road E17 the Thrift Shop. Or was it? In the café room I witnessed others’ pain and joy. Babies and toddlers were playing on a colourful mat whilst women were doing some keep-fit in a class in front of them. That happens every Tuesday. As you were!

During the vintage accessories’ hey day pre London 2012 one could snap up 1960 clasp handbags for 50p. in the Sally Army shop and flog ’em to the posh shops in Walthamstow and Stokey (you know where I mean) for £42-£70. The market’s out of it now. Except in Beulah Road near to the wool shop. Remember the excitement of cupcakes?

No condition is permanent.

Cathall Road E11

About our facility

First Month Half price - October 2013 - asian
Cathall gym moving to Harrow Green Library
£29.95 Student promo

As part of Waltham Forest Council’s work to transform leisure centres across the borough Cathall Leisure Centre is due to close on 4th November 2013, and will be reopen as Leytonstone Leisure Centre in summer 2014.

Your gym will be moving to Harrow Green library and will open on 26th October 2013 as Cathall gym.
The temporary gym will provide:
•70 station gym with cardiovascular and resistance equipment • Spacious free weights area • Stretch area


You still ‘ere?

“A combination of City expansion from the west, Canary Wharf growth from the south and a wave of mass immigration from Bangladesh has contributed heavily to what social researchers have termed the “white flight” of traditional inhabitants to the suburbs of Essex. In short, older, whiter generations feel alienated in what they see as their own manor.

trad white

The youngsters, meanwhile, look towards their elders as if they are aliens. ”

(The Express writing about The Geezers’ Club in Bow in 2011.)

Issue 43. Up Your Street

                                                       Up Your Street
Sat 19th  Oct         £3 11-1pm .Cambodian Cooking workshops going for 6 weeks but you can attend however many you like email It’s at the Salvation Army shop in Forest Rd opposite Lloyd Park E17
Mon 21st Oct      donations noon-2pm at Lea Bridge Road Library Community Room session for seniors. Bingo and tea.
                                   free 1-2pm  Lunch at 1pm Film at 1.30pm”Memories” projects and showcasing films from carers and people with special needs/dementia. Waltham Forest Assemnly  Hall E17. A WF carers’ event.
Wed 23rd Oct     free 10-noon Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage in Lloyd Park E17. Animation film workshop.
                                   free   6-7.30pm Poetry reading at The Centre for Better Health 1a Darnley Rd Hackney
Sat 26th Oct         free    2-5pm  Rich Mix Arts Centre. Bethnal Green. Drawing workshop “Prejudice Within me ” hosted by Shanghati Literary Society.
Sun 27th Oct        free  2-3.30pm.Meet Vestry House Museum in the Village E17. Peter Ashan’ s  Black Heritage walk as part of Words Over Waltham Forest festival.
Wed 30th Oct     £3.50 Tea dance in Chingford E4 . 1-4pm All seniors welcome
Coming on 16th Nov 2013 free plus lunch at Birkbeck University campus in Stratford E15 with a tour of Timber Lodge, community hub in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 10-4pm
A day of ideas and discussion led by the Architectural Foundation Inclusion. Book in advance on 020 3073 8391.
“There are people living in the area who have long experience of the waves of regeneration London  experienced over the last 50 years.  How can their own experience and knowledge of local history help them and us to reflect on the transformation of Stratford and the wider area of East London?We are proposing a one-day event in November 2013 to which we aim to recruit local residents of a range of ages and educational backgrounds, alongside a selected group of community organisers and others who work closely with the community.  The aim of the day would be to determine

  1. Whether there’s an appetite among a range of local residents for a further and more extensive programme of discussion, historical investigation, and physical exploration of the regenerated area over the next number of months.
  2. What kinds of events, activities and venues would be most interesting and appealing, that is, most likely to attract people and keep them coming back?”
  3. I’m in!

£8 senior tickets for end March.£2 booking fee. Free drink bottle

023Be:Fit London is here to empower women by giving you the tools and know how to make the right fitness, health and nutrition choices for you. We’re all unique, we have different bodies and lifestyles, and we know one size doesn’t fit all.
Be:Fit London will showcase stylish performance wear, qualified expert advice, nutritional foods and training plans to suit everyone, no matter what your health or fitness goal – we want to help you look and feel your best!

Teachers Night at William Morris Gallery E17

That was something else: a free evening at the Gallery in all its glory for teachers and those imparting knowledge. I’d been to cultural evenings before following the refurbishment of the magnificent old house and am used to the old now brilliant white staircase up to the top and the once squeaky floorboards. Imagine the maids in days of yore; up and down fetching and carrying for ole Bill and his ilk.

The main temporary exhibition is ….wait for it…..awesome. I loved it. I saw creams and browns, witches and spiders. Kinda topical!

w m g 161013

There were free demonstrations for the attending teachers all about textiles and prints and weaving and block printing and there was free wine with nuts.

So many people I know in Leyton have no idea where is William Morris Gallery, let alone the Village.

The moon was high and nigh on full. It was good to see the viewing gallery from the outside in the dark and to get a show from the coloured lights inside.

Coming soon….



Friday 18th October. Let’s go!

Club Games 2013 for 55 years+ Friday 18 October Brixton Recreation Centre


The eighth Club Games will be bigger and better than ever, with hundreds of competitors and spectators coming from all over the capital and beyond.

We aim to encourage and promote a healthy and active lifestyle to people of all ages. The Club Games invites competitors aged 55 and over to compete in a wide range of fun sport and leisure activities.

Sports on offer include: • Badminton • Darts • Dominoes • Indoor bowls • Short mat bowls • Short tennis • Table tennis • Timed swim • Timed bike ride

If you would like to come and support your local team it will cost £2.00 which includes a tea or coffee on arrival.

For more information email