Blog post about UCL Art Museum.Durer the business man

Great day out up West in the heart of learning, Gower Street, as graduates threw their mortar boards into the air on a sunny front lawn and finished their days of book -learning. We on the other hand were in the closet in the shade at the University College London Art Museum. You just go through the gates of the “Global University”. The museum’s being done up at present but our treat was a special opening for a guided tour of the chosen prints, etchings and engravings. Ooh it was welcoming and suited all levels at art in the 15 strong audience. It was just great looking up close at ancient frontispieces and drawings. Some were as old as the hills and done in chalk.

We learnt about Durer with two dots and how he was the businessman in art. He would have used Twitter and Facebook to the hilt these days and gathered in interns to do the donkey work. Back in the fifteen hundreds nuns were happy to do all the curly bits and filing.

“Join us for our monthly Pop-Up display, and get up close to our wonderful collection of German and Austrian Old Master prints and drawings. Featuring works by Cranach, Durer, Holbein and Schongauer, this display will highlight some stars from the Northern Renaissance, and give an overview of printmaking and draughtsmanship during the 15th and 16th centuries. We are also delighted to announce that Anne Welsh (who is proudly Scottish) will be giving a talk at 1pm on Durer’s use of the printed illustration as a marketable artefact.”

These pop-up art displays are once a month with drawing classes and presentations tied in. The staff are nice people.


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