Production at Tate Modern

Today some intrepid Up Your Street seniors found their way to meet BN Neu in the Blaveknik building at Tate. A great day, weather-wise, not too hot and not raining, a 56 bus on diversion which was even better because we saw roads we’d heard of but never smelt and a great welcome which left us fiddling with our Apps stores on our mobiles as we were introduced to interactive art through stations along a  ceramics pottery factory workers’ lines.20170928_120757.jpg20170928_120807.jpg20170928_124018 (1).jpg20170928_123906 (1).jpg

It was a professionally staged experience with the doors opening on time, a clean and airy Tate Exchange floor and smiling assistants. We punched in our time cards put on our aprons and set to it making pots with slip and moulds or flowers with the finest ever porcelain clay all guided by teachers. When we’d made a piece we had it scanned and recorded then swapped the wet one for a biscuit fired other work.

What a fine thing that was, What a concept to actually materialise and deliver and it was great to see Emily from Soapbox as she’d been a mover and shaker in the whole production of Production.