No.12 Poems for International Women’s Day 2015


Rukhsana was in the kitchen

toasting toasties and swaddling them in silver foil

for the freezer

The chapattis had cooled on a wire tray

the griddle and rolling pin sat in the washer

the lamb curry was sealed in Homeware’s best

She took up the labelling pen and marked packages

For each day she’d be away.

Downtown where factories opened

and closed in a blink

her husband lifted the shutters

to his frozen fish unit

and sniffed in the mix of sawdust and kipper stink.

His deliveries would be done by the time Rukhsana left

for an important conference about something and women

and away for five days and a bit.

He’d seen the pressed shirts

labelled accordingly

and the stone-washed jeans


with the front seams perfectly straight.

At the mosque they would say he was right

to allow his wife

to attend her something of nothing

to do with champions, tomorrows and lights

for he would be beneficiary

to her very expected promotion.

Deep in the freezer an ice block trapped the sprats.






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