Floating Cinema

Boiling I was to be sitting on a moving boat in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with the curtains drawn and the expectation of seeing art installations dashed. I was on a boat with a speaker promoting his supervision of art projects mainly oop North and no knowledge of the River Lea. Imagine! What rhymes with slap?

And then came Jo Bell’s poetry. She is the watery Canal Laureate.* What? Her poem, what we heard of it because moving boats like barges make scraping rumbling noises as they sludge along and obliterate sound tracks on Powerpoint, was Plathy but I will visit it on Google somewhere so as to raise my positives.

Stuck in a boat and nowhere to run. Stuck on a boat in a  too-small life-jacket wondering how really communities along waterways are engaged through art when 33% of water-users when asked will have no truck with such Hirsts and the nod to diversity is shown through some rehearsed South Asian dancing next to a lock. One -offs and we ain’t fooled for one minute.

Time up and the rain was pelting down outside in the desert of yellow tarmac that is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

floater 1

Back into the Floating Cinema after five minutes for mulled wine and old films and new about rivers. Now all was relevant for when you talk ‘rivers’  you talk  ‘Thames’ and then along come the inevitable rosily filmed chummy films about the London Docks back in the day. But that today was good for Up Your Street subscribers are on the Eastside Community Heritage course about shipbuilding herstories. As far as I’m concerned after seeing brilliant films from 1917 up to 2011 we’ve covered the life of a docker,  the magnificence of  big ships, exports and imports, wool and tobacco, tea and sugar and the life of men. Job done. Ah, this part of the Floating Cinema day out was just great what with friendly Simon and the Park volunteer who spoilt us with warm wine and blankets. It was very cold but hey it’s winter. We were on a boat in a treeless place with wind and rain all about us. We sandwiched and crunched nuts. Two others rustled their choccie papers oblivious of the silence of a silent film. It was like a proper pictures.

We were so happy we went despite some people getting muddled up on their ticket times, others losing their way and never getting on board and one of us had a returned phobia of all things wet and watery so she scarpered….into Westfield, where else?

I gave my friend my copy of Len Taphouse’s “Spirit of the Iroquois” all about ships and knots. I’d introduced a young couple to the Floating Cinema and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as well as senior members from the area around the Park.  I’d been on board The Floating Cinema before the Olympic and Paralympics 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the waterways in the making besides being in the company of Mr Michael Smith. He never knew he was in my company. His films were shown today “Drift Street” (2011) and “Mystery River”(2013). Fantastic. (Goof: watch the milk flagon in “Drift”). And I loved the music by Tim and  Matthew Olden  on the film “Barging Through London” (2011).


Look what I found for FREE. Nov 29th 3.30-5pm Book at Eventbrite. Wrap up WARMly

To mark the final weekend of Newton’s Cottage we will be celebrating with a series of performances and a toast to the project. Please join us for dance, poetry, warm drinks and more.

Performances begin at 3.30pm and include:

Poetry by Jo Bell
The Canal Poet Laureate, Jo Bell will perform her specially commissioned response to Newton’s Cottage along side reciting a series of her work that relate to the waterways.

Dance by Jorge Crecis
Working with East London Dance, this piece of dance will respond to the unique environment of Newton’s Cottage and will bring the structure to life with a contemporary choreographed piece.

Presentation of Newton’s Cottage by Ruud Reutelingsperger
Hear more about the aspirations and inspirations for Newton’s Cottage along with learning about how this artwork was built and where it is going to go next.


* this my clause has been used by The Guardian before me.

Up Your Street Issue 32

Mon Aug 15th     Phone  0300  2012550 at 9am to grab a tour of The Olympic and Paralympic
                          Games site, E.20 during Open Weekend 10 and 11th September 2011.
                          free 2-4pm Bruce Castle Museum , Tottenham.”Nitter Natter” chat,
                                       knit and remember 1951.
                           from St John at Hackney, Mare Street.
  Dear FriendsJoin us for an afternoon tea on Clarence Road this Monday 15th August at 5pm. We
will be meeting at 4.30 pm at St John at Hackney to move tables, please come and
help if you are free.The tea is happening on Monday to coincide with the moment the riots started
last week, this is a community event to reclaim the streets.
Tues Aug 16th     free   6.30pm Bryant Community Centre E15 Final ACT planning meeting
                           before the Stratford Summer Festival. Feel welcome at a lovely
                                     community centre and meet friendly as ever Stratford residents.
Wed Aug  17th    free  1.10-1.40pm St John’s Church Stratford, E15, Saxophone session.
Thurs Aug 18th   free   noon. Meet Jacky Hyams at Sutton House, Homerton High Road, 
                          author of “Bombsites and Lollipops”. Buy your 99p Ebook by Jacky
                          at Amazon Kindle offers.
Fri Aug 19th        free   (for residents of Bow primarily) Walking and photography
                           course for 5 weeks. Email Graham for details at graham@walkeast.org 
                          It’s possible the places are filled as it is a very popular Friday afternoon course.
Sat Aug 20th       free  noon-4pm The Stratford Summer Festival, Stratford Park. Meet
                                                     Up Your Street. 
                                                     Open Stage TRSE 2012
                                                     Mapping Your Manor
                                                     Action Community and Stratford residents.
Sun Aug 21st     11.30pm -0700h. free to watch The largest crane in Europe arrives in Stratford to erect a bridge
                                    over Stratford High Street …. all part of The Games.
Wed  Aug 24th   free  7.15-9.30pm Poetry in The Park, Coronation Gardens E10
               That Old Black Magic… tea dances on the horizon
 Stratford Old Town Hall £2 tea dances 1.30-4pm on  12th Sept, 17th october.
 Leyton Community Action £2.50 tea dances happen monthly at The Plum Tree Centre, Leyton Green, E10 
Go to London Transport photographs (IanVisits alerted me to this) to see  wonderful photographs of Wapping Station as it was.
Book at Floating Cinema for the free boat trip with eco-green films  and Harvest Festival at Abbey Gardens, Newham.
                    (no wheelchair access.) There is so much more to enjoy at Floating Cinema. www.floatingcinema.info
Check issue 33 for

activities resuming soon after the Summer Break “Still Alive and Kicking” (Songololo-Feet)

                                                                            Hackney Harmony Singers 
                                                                            Agewell Singers
Stocking up for Eid, BBQs, parties, larder? Go to Tesco. Bargains on savouries and 241 offers on those expensive Patak pickles.
Streetlife Radio is live on internet. Our very own Mary Katherine Presents plays marvellous music from golden times and chats , reads poetry and generally lifts us up for daily life. Other shows keep you on the music pulse as does Tony Regan at The Olde Rose and Crowne theatre pub in Hoe Street E17. 
Vintage TV on Sky is excellent for music and archive film from 1950 to 1980.
Up Your Street   an information-sharing service for seniors listing free events and activities in the 6 London 2012 boroughs.

Issue 28 Up Your Street5. London 2012 weekend and more

Sat 23rd July  free 12.30-2.30pm Tower of London foreshore open to public. Turn up in your wellies. Tower Hill EC3 (credit to IanVisits)

                        free 11-1pm and 3-5pm Floating Cinema guided boat tours on the waterways which connect the 5 London Olympic and Paralympic games boroughs. Meeting at Dace Rd, Hackney Wick. Probably booked out by now but worth watching it embark. (no wheelchair access).

Sun  24th July  free 1.15-3.15pm Tower of London foreshore open to public again

Mon 25th July free   12.30-2.30pm Round Chapel Hackney at Lower Clapton . Last ballroom dancing for over 6os with Malcolm teaching everyone.

                         free 3pm Cyberlink E10 (by Tesco) Introductory session for the free film-making course in Leyton.

                          free  6pm  BBC filming at Sarah Bonnell School , Deanery Rd Stratford 

E. 15 as part of BBC London 2012 ‘one year to go’. Entry by application for tickets.(BBC website)

Tues 26th July free 1-2pm at St John’s At Hackney. Dance exercise for seniors.

                         free to watch 6pm The Lord Mayor of London speaks about the regeneration of Spitalfields Market. Mansion House EC4 (credit to IanVisits).

                          free 6pm Hackney Museum. African Roots meeting towards an exhibition in October. All welcome.

                           free 6pm Planning  meeting for the Stratford Festival 20th August with Action Community Team in Stratford. Phone Laura at Newham Council Community Projects for venue and details.

Wed 27th July free 1.10-1.40pm St John’s Church in Stratford E15 . Jazz piano recital.

Thurs  28th July free  2-3pm Guildhall Library “Lightermen on the Thames”, Talk and archives.  Should book.

                                No Agewell Singers in Stratford Circus until September.

                               free 6-7.30pm “Haggerston” archives and talk at Hackney Museum. Book via Linda at the Museum. Refreshments and good company.

Fri     29th July free 7pm at Waltham Forest Assembly Hall Forest Rd E17 “Windrush Party”

Freedom Passes and Go!

Up Your Street5     issue 24

Thurs June 23rd free in the entertainment programme 7-11pm Ye Olde Rose And Crown Hoe Stret, E17 by The Bell end of Hoe Street. John Arthur sings and plays. (part of Walthamstow Memories event).

Fri June 24th free 1-3pm Spitalfields tea dance, Briushfield St E1.

 free Greenwich Festival until July 2nd. Performance arts and many free world class events.(Check web site.)

 Sat June 25 free 11-4pm Brooks Farm, Skelton’s Lane. E 10. Family Fun Day.

 Sun June 26th free 11-1pm The Pump House Museum open at Low Hall Lane E17

Mon June 27th  free   noon. Hour Healthwalk from CLR James Library to Springfield Park.

                  free   7pm  Jewish memorial service at St Joseph’s Hospice,

                                                            Mare St       Hackney

 Tues June 28th free 6.30-8pm Bryant Community Centre, Bryant Rd behind Old Stratford Town Hall. Action Community Team meeting to firm up the Stratford Festival and the group’s contribution to ‘Mapping Your Manor’. All welcome. 

                               free  3-5pm Fellows Court Weymouth Terrace. Party for Hackney

                                         seniors aged 50-65 (ID ready!) Phone 0207241 5908 for a place

 Wed June 29 free 1.10-2pm.Music recital at St John’s Church Stratford.E15

 Thurs June 30th £2 7pm Cinema at Haringey Independent Cinema “Inside Job” West Green Learning Centre, Tottenham

 By July 4th free Book by 4th July Canal Trips with the Floating Cinema. Apply online http://www.floatingcinema.info Good luck!

Mon July 4th free 6pm Open air opera “Madam Butterfly” at Canada Square in Canary Wharf, and at Walthamstow High Street on the Big Screen.

Fri July 1st free 7.30-10pm Floating Cinema. No need to book. a film about barges. Lea Rowing Club,The Boat House, Spring Hill, Clapton E5

Wed July 6th free “Songololo textiles and recycling group goes to Brighton.

Sat July 9th free ‘Wapping Shindig’. Events in Wapping. Details soon

free 11-4pm St John at Hackney Church Summer Fete. Circus theme.

Thurs July 13th free 7pm Leyton Community Action (LCA) meeting at Leyton Manor Park Pavilion all welcome

TCM on Sky offering Westerns at 3pm every day.”Westerns Week”.

 Sky Arts 2 Opera and Wagner galore Up Your Street5 an information-sharing service for seniors listing free events and activities in the 5 London 2012 boroughs.